07 July 2009

my other Library...

now I know- it is a Bedroom, but as you can see it is my library too, and No- I don't have any trouble sleeping in this stimulatingly book heavy environ.

This Headboard has been around.

The wooden chandelier has too.

A slight nod to Pauline de Rothschild's pillow shams in one of her guest rooms, these via my own Guest Bedroom because Zetta likes to lounge in that room and has a slight fetish for silk satin ribbon. In here- less so- because typically the bed doesn't get made up quite so pretty like.

My current reading list spread around a bit. Right now I am reading EF Benson's Lucia surprise! to le style et la matiere).

Studying an interesting color scheme for an equestrian client. Surprise!

Yes, it's a little disheveled, but so is my desk- I am consistent anyway.

It can't all be books.

In fact, I keep my Fortuny in the bedroom.

My Fortuny etching, that is.

& of course my Reading companions.

Loves DRAMA.

Zetta wanting to be alone in the Guest Room.

Remus, tends to like SUSPENSE, especially when leaping off the headboard at 2 a.m.

Moses -aged and departed scholar, slept through most novels.

He also had the bedroom, minus the bookcases, moved down to the Dining Room- his last year and a half of life- since he could not make the steps. I always thought He must have been tuned in and came to this idea from one of my favorite novel's The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton. Wharton's Mrs. Manson Mingott, could no longer climb her stairs and lived on the main floor of her New York mansion. Visitors of the dowager tried not to notice- though it shocked- there sat the lady's bed in plain view. Things have changed since the Age everyone seemed to understand Moses presence here.

He indeed slowed , But still slept in the middle of the bed, He did, however, know how to keep a secret.


  1. OMG -i LOVE love LOVE your opaline lamp! That turquoise is stunning!

  2. Wonderful room. Looks like the perfect place to read. With dogs.

  3. An intimate and generous glimpse into your lair. Nice brown and cream upholstry on your armchair...

  4. Lovely rooms and views. Moses must have been quite special. My own Age in Place plan is to move our bedroom downstairs to the dining room (adjacent to the kitchen). By then who will care. I saw a picture of a New Orleans loft like space and the four poster was right in the middle of the kitchen. Just think you could prep veggies sitting up on your bed!

  5. i LOVE this post! all of it!

    the nod to pauline de rothschild's pillow shams is genius!!!


  6. Look at your family, Little A! They look like serious bibliophiles. I want to steal that sweet creature on your blog header and lay in soft grass somewhere.

  7. Ad, so funny that lamp was an inventory piece from an antique shop that I had and No ONE would buy it- thankfully form ME. I always wanted to claim it for my own! G

  8. Home! you are such a wit, and It was terribly tempting to sleepwalk into the K.nightly for snacks! of course they weren't veggies. Practically speaking- I liked it, I haven't slept nearly as well since I moved back upstairs- but I think it is the absence of Moses rather than the vicinity. G

  9. le style, pt,Jez. thanks- I have some good little readers! and miss Moses most desperately. g

  10. Paul- thank you ever so. I would love to recreate Pauline Rothschild's aesthetic in some small way in every room in the house. g.

  11. So glad you shared! The opaline lamp is beautiful, and I'm a fan of library-bedrooms.

  12. What a cozy room to curl up in! I love the purple toile curtains. Just getting caught up here ~ so much fabulousness...

  13. What a wonderful peek intro your home and life. Thank You. I love the look. And speaking of cats leaping off the headboard to the bed below; our Nadine does that, too!



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