06 August 2009

Cary Grant plays the Flower Game

"he loves me"
he loves me not"

the Daisy
one of Grant's picks

Cary Grant as Fleur's Leading Man

Grant was best man at the last of Fleur's fourth marriage and Grant was married five times. So these two would have had a lot more than flowers to talk about.

Grant as leading man with Grace Kelly in Hitchcock's
"To Catch A Thief"

Who wouldn't let Grant lead them around? He is for me Hollywood's one and only best Leading Man.

Grant's enthusiasm for his pick of flowers is adorable. He still has that effect.

As Grant told it to Fleur:

"My selections, probably listed in the favour with which I regard them
since they popped to mind in the following order:

- all types, all colours; LILACS- lavender and/or white; BLUEBELLS;


-not the small field daisy but the larger, single petalled variety:

Lathyrus odoratus;


& Grant added:

" Though how could you limit me, or anyone, to a list of only ten?
I long to add primroses, mimosa, frangipani, carnations, fuchsias...

Oh, I could go on for hours.

Cary Grant's Palm Springs Home for over 20 years
Las Palomas (The Doves)
see more of it here

"he loves me, he loves me not"

Grant calling for rain

two gorgeous actors
Grant with roommate Randolph Scott- the cowboy

a little Domestic Bliss
Grant and Scott

His Own


More of Fleur's flower game tomorrow- PRINCESS GRACE OF MONACO

Grant's official over the top fantastic website (here)


  1. Oh I did love this! I adore Grant, and his flower choices are spot on. Although, Randolph Scott was surely a lot more than a roommate? Unfortunately for all those swooning women!

  2. Sian- why thanks! I think he must have been irresistible. I found his picks and his way of expressing them to be full charm. Great website about him is linked. I do indeed think RS and CG were significant others as evidenced in their pictures and there are others of them that I did not use with the same effect. So glad you weighed in come back. Gaye

  3. Cary Grant is lovely to look at it and I adore his movies, he's funny, intelligent, elegant, graceful, foolish, arrogant, jealous and so much more in his movies. From the little I have read of him I think he was a great guy for real as well and definitely charming! I love this post about his flower choices, boy he had good taste!
    The Brooklyn Academy of Music cinema is showing a retrospective of Grant's work all month long! I wish I could go every night! It's hard to decide which to see, er, really which to miss.


  4. Amy, thank you for joining me. I would love to get your picks as well. Tomorrow I am doing Grace Kelly's and her presentation is so telling. CG's is such a delight. Now showings like you have access to is what would be wonderful about living in the city for certain. I will have to have a little lovefest of my own- have lots of oldies- alas most on VHS-but I have that covered too! la

  5. Dearest, Charmed is certainly a word that comes to mind and his namesake rose is lovely and I like his sweetpea choice. It conjures up those days well. BCT

  6. Little, I am crazy for the Hollywood glamour days and Cary Grant was the certainly the leading man. Yeah, I think the guys were nuts about him and as you say why the hell not. Love your handling of the Randolph Scott affair with the domestic bliss and all that. Great job. Dev

  7. He will always be the perfect lead and the epitome of 20th c. male elegance, but for me his charm stems partly from his sense of fun (ex. Arsenic and Old Lace). Never knew he liked flowers though. Only adds to the retrospective charm.

  8. little a,
    you've just made my day!


  9. Balsam Fir- Love Arsenic and Old Lace! and Bringing up Baby-makes my sides hurt. I am going to get it out to watch! He did have impeccable timing- He had it all- Does anyone compare from ANY era? G.

  10. A new angle on Mr. Grant. Even for me. I can hear him pronounce each syllable of his views on the daisy.

    There are also others, but the way, who say that Scott/Grant beach house was all hot and cold running co-eds day and night. David Niven among them. I take nothing for ... granted (?)

  11. BCT- Know all about sweetpeas. Isn't this your glamour era? and your older sisters too? xoxo, G.

  12. Paul, thanks! Cary Grant as I say- had it all, and am reminded by BF of his comedic timing. Does any one measure up today or yesterday? G

  13. Dev- I feel sure CG was living in bliss with Scott. Have you read any bios about CG? Are there any definitive ones-Many marriages then in Hollywood, but living together was less popular in them days!

  14. EELife- Great to have you looking in. I don't know that much about his personal life- I do know I love his movies,it makes me think about the bios that might be out about him-have you read any? The one picture I posted of them with the salads in front of them though- has a look from Grant that seems like genuine love. So evident he loved women, and this friendship with FC is fascinating as well. I need more after today's discussion. Gaye

  15. Oh, I got lost on that Cary Grant website. No one will ever match him. Pure grace.

  16. "Cary Grant" by Eliot
    "Cary Grant : the Lonely Heart" by Higham & Moseley
    "The Private Cary Grant" by McIntosh & Weaver

    And, of course, "Cary Grant: A Celebration of Style" by Torregrossa (less a biography, but very interesting.)

  17. Today, Sunday 9 August, Turner Movie classics is running a Carry Grant...athon!

  18. Today, Sunday 9 August, Turner Movie classics is running a Cary Grant...athon!



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