24 August 2009

Let's Go Beaton

Beaton by Irving Penn

In conjunction with the LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL, Hugo Vickers-Beaton's biographer, lectures on Cecil Beaton with excerpts from Beaton's diaries and illustrations. here

The London lecture 25/09/09

along with the lecture the launch of" the SKETCHBOOK" Collection adapted from Beaton's fashion drawings in his THE GLASS OF FASHION. The designs are presented in fabrics and papers. One of the most delightful of the collection is Saucy Sailors, and Garbo's Eye. (click here for the link)

at the least get a copy of this delicious Beaton confection

& this oh, irresistible

(from the site)
"Have your portrait taken in a classic Beatonesque pose by professional photographer James McMillan."
Dress for the occasion - bring your own props, hats, jewels and accessories to make your picture a witty, glamorous and memorable recreation of a classic Beaton image. Take Cecil Beaton's advice and '...Be daring, be different, be impractical...'!

Norma Shearer

My Pick- and I don't have to bring a thing, except Francois Nars .
What about You?

Norma Shearer is quite my favorite from the era, unless it is Garbo- but who doesn't moon of Garbo, Beaton certainly did.


  1. You really have your finger on the button, Gaye. Excited by the fabrics on the link you gave us and must get the Glass of Fashion. Might be away for that lecture, sadly.

  2. Rose you must-I would like to see you immortalized in Beatonous Repose- perhaps Pastorially holding a rose. Though twirling would be more you speed, You'd have had CB on his knees. la

  3. Garbo's eyes, Penn's photograph, Beaton was a Master. It is incredible how he documented. I find him fascinating - the Garbo book Loving Garbo- with Beaton in the running is wonderful, many years since I read it, but I need to go back to it again. G

  4. The photo shooting is for me too. I recently struck a Marie Antonette pose at the exhibit I wrote about at Versailles - powdered hair and all. I think the Beaton aesthetic would be more in line with our's today. So now I definitely get your title !

  5. Style,will you share your photograph a la Beaton. pgt

  6. I would if I had it! Don't think I can make it to London the 25 of Sept. I am tempted though!!



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