01 August 2009

sunscreen by BEATON

Still HOT

Mrs. Reginald Fellowes , Daisy to her friends
on her yacht, the Sister Anne, 1930's


  1. Love it. And the hat her friend is wearing.

    For me...it is always SPF 90. Rain or shine. The curse of the truly fair.

    And here, it's not the heat...but the humidity. 77 percent humidity. I feel the moss growing all around me.

  2. Me too- on the high voltage sunscreen, I am fair too and Oh,the Southern sun, and the humidity too, drip, drip. G.

  3. Little A-

    I look at the evocative image and I see languor!

    Languid is not a word that is used much today. Too bad we are all rushing around. No-one is languid.Few women are as open splendid as Daisy.

    Reminds me of Diana Vreeland's famous statement (slightly adapted):
    "Splendeur! Splendeur! You could be lying in the gutter, dressed in rags, starving, and you still should have SPLENDEUR.'
    Yes, she did say that (a propos Peter the Great). A friend of mine taped this statement.
    Love it...and love Daisy.
    Merci www.thestylesaloniste.com

  4. DDS,I love languor. I used this word just as soon as you reminded me of it in its "languish" form. Let's vow to use it- and do it as much as we possibly can. DV could turn the phrase, thank you for sharing that one. G

  5. I have always loved this photograph- I scanned this from the CBeaton book and the details are improved. Note the heels(perhaps a bit too short), the looped striped scarf done up like a necklace. But my favorite thing, of course, is the parasol. It looks to be Persian, perhaps dancers. Does anyone know who the lucky friend was? la

  6. LA-

    Yes, Languid and don't forget ....splendeur...which DV spoke with great emphasis and ...elegance...and slow emphasis on the final -eur...

    Here's to a languid day!www.thestylesaloniste.com

  7. I like Daisy's sunscreen the best! ; )



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