15 September 2009

la dolce V-ita


"I love a beautiful Lady.

I love a beautiful dog.

I love a beautiful piece of furniture.

I love Beauty.

It is not my Fault."

Valentino Garavani

“I went to Via Veneto
with two friends,

at that moment

it was very, very beautiful—

all the Black Aristocracy from Rome &

the very important people.

Sophia Loren,

Gina Lollobrigida,

Marcello Mastroianni,


Anita Ekberg,

Elizabeth Taylor &
Richard Burton

used to go there. "

Giacarlo Giametti

I just saw VALENTINO-The Last Emperor. I know a bit late- But , the film's release includes some Not to be Missed Special Features: The Perfect Life: Around the World with Valentino-Here the camera wanders about with V.'s Major Domo at Chateau de Wideville, outside Paris. At his apartment in New York , near the Frick Museum, overlooking Central Park (designed by Peter Marino)-it is a scene so-of a bygone era-as the Major Domo prepares the apartment for Valentino's arrival. Sumptious is the Word.

other special films in the DVD are The Last Collection & A Red Dress.


  1. I must admit to being even later
    for Valentino ... . it just arrived from Netflix, and will be my weekend viewing.


  2. Judith- I can not wait to delve into your blog-it looks wonderful. You will love V- I just don't do the movies as much as I use to since returning to a small town. I LOVE Santa Fe-(posted on O Keeffe just yesterday) It seems to be my ideal for "retiring" young! G

  3. I haven't seen the movie either. It sounds like it was worth the wait.Can't wait to see it now. I love your blog.

  4. I just watched it, too! The final scene boggles the mind.



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