22 September 2009

Patchwork III Erte


the most divine fashion illustrator of them all

(photographed by Snowdon)

How I do love Patchwork. This is an ongoing series at Little Augury. I hope if you don't Love it too-Patchwork will grow on you.



  1. Mrs. E. and I kindled our romance based on a casual comment about some Erté plates I had in my apartment... .

  2. EEL,What a wonderful story. I often see his illustrations on all sorts of things, and reinterpretations of them too. Glad you stopped in. Gaye

  3. That instance is glorious but I must admit that I really do struggle with its Granny-ness at times. I like it to be very well thought out in tonalities...

  4. You struck a chord with me, I have always had a passion for patchwork, there is something about it, some sort of allure that hands and pieces tell a story.
    I am working on a series titled "pieces" which was inspired from patching - which began as an underpinning under knight's armor. I love the stitching, and the patina of patchwork.
    I did a post last week.....

  5. PVE-I will go back to read that post, I must have missed it-I read PVE almost EVERYday.Well put about the nature of patchwork-I completely agree. GT



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