28 September 2009

trompe l'oeil this!

door from the dining room to the pantry at
Nancy Lancaster's Haseley Court

Yes, it's a pot de chambre with the lady's initials painted in. Surely, Nancy found this door to be funnier than some of the people she knew. The lady obviously had a sense of humor-in this case- the bathroom sort.

enlarge the picture to see details-the leg of the console, the door pull, the tall lamp on pedestal & or course , Nancy's pot...

(photograph from the beautiful book NANCY LANCASTER English Country House Style by Martin Wood.)



  1. The little nuances you show us are why your blog is so wonderful. I look forward to it every time I see it in my mailbox. Thank you.

  2. Little A. this is charming.

  3. PT & E- Isn't that the best!GT

    Anon's both- thank you- I love the idea of this great lady's sense of humor- I just could not resist- obviously the lady could not either.

  4. This is too good!! It's lovely how little details like this one give you a little window to someone's personality.



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