26 October 2009

Listen Up-chatting with the Lady & the Duchess

What a mutually beneficial friendship this must have been. Elsie taking on the Duchess- considered a style and social mentor for Wallis-the ultimate power couple.

Friends. I do love the idea that Wallis and Elsie were friends. I can just imagine the conversations- Did they call each other Lady Mendl? Duchess?

I'm sure some of their conversations have been documented. Do You know of?

Were they?

Of the latest Mainbocher?
EdeW that last "bleu did not suit You? No?"



WWW's next bauble from the Duke?

WWW~ "E. is looking at a ring."

"A ring? No."


"Absolutely -No- A brooch. NO?"

"A brooch?"

"A brooch."

"A brooch."

I somehow envision these two sitting down to just doing some down & dirty gossiping. Talking about past lives-actresses-& otherwise, their men-& otherwise, their peccadilloes & otherwise.

Elsie serving up:
1 ½ oz. Tanqueray gin
¾ oz. Cointreau
3 oz. freshly-squeezed and chilled pink or ruby red grapefruit juice (or more to taste)

Stir gin and Cointreau together and chill. Stir in grapefruit juice and pour into a chilled cocktail glass.

read more about it here
or maybe WWW & EdeW swapped receipts WWW's her famed PORK CAKE. yummy. Get the skinny here at Lucindaville.

” Nobody ever called me beautiful, or even pretty.”

& begging the design purists pardon

read LUCINDAVILLE post on GOSSIP here
an article about Lady Mendl from the New Yorker 1938 here



  1. Oh to be a french fly on the wall. AW

  2. la, thank you again for the shout out! We are mixing up a Lady Mendl cocktail and preparing to toast you.

  3. I just bet that wasn't all they discussed, though they say Elsie de Wolfe was clever,but only to a point, as in not the brightest light, but she did burn what she had very bright.

  4. Anon- oh yes I say too true too.

    Lucinda- I love your blog-as you well know, I hope to spread the word a little bit. Isnt that little drink the stuff-wonder how it would be with pork cake-it might not matter at that point! la

  5. Ah LA,

    Inspired this is. The photo is so serenely polished - one can't help but think of "rarefied air" in that room. Somehow I imagine them tittering as opposed to guffawing, but the comfort in shared company must have been a great relief.

    So looking forward to reading up on Lady Mendl. Perfect occasion to mix up one of those sumptuous little pink cocktails.

  6. Yes the photo sure does look polished-I love that these two Birds flocked together and put their best plumage forward. G



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