30 October 2009

where you'll find me-reading

When this book, unread,
Rots to earth obscurely,

And no more to any breast,
Close against the clamorous swelling

Of the thing there is no telling,
Are these pages pressed!

When this book is mould,

And a book of many
Waiting to be sold

For a casual penny,
In a little open case,

In a street unclean and cluttered,
Where a heavy mud is spattered

From the passing drays,
Stranger, pause and look;

From the dust of ages
Lift this little book,

Read me, do not let me die!

Search the fading letters, finding

Steadfast in the broken binding

All that once was I!

poem excerpt from Edna Saint Vincent Millay's The Poet and His Book



  1. Oh, so beautifully done. I think I became lost in the poem, where am I, what am I looking at? Be well, Gaye!

  2. C- this is my upstairs hall where I have a daybed that is a favoured reading spot.It is where I can indulge my textile love. G

  3. I wonder what Edna would have said of the Blogger and Her Blog. Is a blog altogether a more fleeting thing, with no dream of the perpetual prospect of rediscovery? But as noble nonetheless?

  4. mise-I do not know-but what a fascinating question. Noble- I think she would, possibly using the medium.
    You know she did burn the candle wildly at both ends. One of my favourite persons of the century. thanks for the thought provoking words. la

  5. So fantastic -i'll come read anytime (even THAT dreaded book...). Especially love that chair -you know the one! WOW!

  6. It's a gray, rain-filled day with autumn in the streets. Nature's form of the remainders left like neglected children in the rain. Your blog today was soulful and thought provoking. Mise brings up an interesting question. Do words said aloud like prayers fill the voids and hang forever in space? I'd like to think Dan Brown's bringing awareness of noetic science in his last book, is interesting to contemplate. I don't believe in god, but I'd like to think books and words have larger than life power. Thank you for a beautiful post.

  7. A lovely dream- a day with Edna St. Vincent Millay in the house where Little Augury does play.

  8. I love the divan, and the poem. Perfect for the rainy afternoon today.

  9. Gaye,

    You've a perfect spot for dreaming and creating!


  10. Home- I agree. Words are for me-when used in the proper order- a prayer and a seduction.I am glad you like the post.G
    BF- rainy here for part of the day and clearing. A perfect book day. G

  11. jez & chemin des Muguets- it is a favourite spot. la



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