14 November 2009

calling all Chic Canine Lovers, SIT. WAIT.

How could Little Brown have missed this book for US HOLIDAY consumption!

Shame,shame, shame.but do not despair-

It is the must have book-or as the Daily Mail says MUTT have-but I will not-(not nearly Chic enough!)

I know scads of Chic Canine Lovers who would go catch a frisbee for one of these-or maybe even wag their tail. Never know.

Go fetch!
Run, run, run really fast, race like a maniac round to-

Amazon UK- more than happy to oblige.

Read more from the Daily Mail here


  1. You have presented this book with your usual wit, I love it. I too am poised, tail wagging, waiting to get my paws on it.

  2. My trainer suggested we use prozac for our German Shepard "Bronte"...I named her with Charlotte in mind, but it also means "thunder, which is quite apt in her case. Believe me, her pose wouldn't be nearly as contrite (and then again, neither would mine). Trish

  3. Rosie-I Knew that you would! G
    Pamela- yes and you too!

  4. Trish, ah- my little zet zet either- but she is much cuter. doesnt the book look great?G

  5. Ugh! Sorry la but i am not a bite, er.. bit into this. Sick of humanized, dressed or comercially exploited animals. I treat my two salukis as they are: dogs. Sure they don´t sleep in the house either and they are happy.

  6. Antonio- at least you haven't lost your sense of humour! nor have you exiled me to the dog house(where did that phrase originate anyhow?) I don't dress up Zetta either-(yet). I do have to say that it seems in the fashion photographer's world DOG is model's best friend-and Vogue must have the images to flaunt & prove it. From the looks of the Daily Mail piece there are many dogs au naturel in the book's pages. Can it be so wrong to love gorgeous clothes and a little dog too?

  7. such as it is this post seems to have snagged a bogus site that leaves illegible comments daily-So I have closed comments on this one.



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