01 December 2009

Lady West & the canter

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my blog is the connections I have made with special people doing the same; ROSE C'EST LA VIE is my karmic blog sister. We chat via email & I can not wait to meet her! Rosie, I am coming over.

The beautiful thing about Rose's blog are her personal accounts of life amidst the British peerage- along with her modern drawings. She had a bead on the feminine creature and I am always charmed by her interpretations. A favourite Rose featured is a series she calls My L'il Pony.

Rose says~
"This work mostly comes from serious images of women on horseback, competing at showjumping, eventing or rodeo.  I have the greatest respect for their skill and courage.  Myself, I am quite scared of horses which increases my fascination.  As an artist I have taken an oblique view of things, rehearsing the fantasies I had of owning a pony as child which accounts for the overarching title 'My L'il Pony' as well as the dreamlike use of pastel colours. I guess it is a way of juxtaposing the infantile imagination with the muscular skill of the rider. My art practice has always dealt with elements of femalexuality and I am hinting at what I see as the mild eroticism of being in the saddle - on top, astride, in charge!"

 "I was one of those girls who longed for a pony but had to make do with an imaginary horsey friend and a lot of sound effects. Unlike some sympathetic parents I knew who actually built authentic jumps in the garden for their daughter and her phantom pony, I just fantasized about a clear round at a gymkhana. When I grew up I took a few riding lessons but to be honest, I'm pretty frightened of the real thing. "

"After the first session, I came home with a breathless account of how they left alone me in the stable yard with my new mount. Asked if I was 'up', it seemed to cause amusement when I confessed that no, I was only standing there holding the flipping reins. I persevered and managed to trot without stirrups (what's the point of that?) and then something interrupted the whole business, like finding I was expecting a baby. So that's more or less the size of it but somehow I'm determined not to go to my grave without managing a canter."

"Meanwhile the safer option was back at the drawing board. Here I have worked from images of serious horsewomen and infantilised them somewhat by the use of colour to express that longing that so many girls never have a chance to fulfill."
(all italics Lady West)

I would purchase these and frame them something like this to make a big impact in a young lady's room- a Sitting Room or Hunt Room. The acrylic folder like presentation of  the 6 pieces PAIRED in Duplicate would be quite wonderful!

A number of the PRINTS in repetition would fill up a wall. they could be Papered on and then Mounted over in acrylic. The more creative, the better. If uncertain- purchase them and hold onto them until you are inspired.

I have things I have saved back and never been happier that I did. When You find prints that are unique, witty and full of imagery like these-not to mention color, don't pass them up.

I love this arrangement-


digital PRINTS of Lady West's L'il Pony (shown above in the first 6 images are as follows)-Please refer to the titles when purchasing.
1 Astride
2 Yellow horse
3 Walk On
4 Pink jump
5 How to Mount (female)
6 How to Mount (male)

L'il PONY  Prints available for purchase in 8" x 12" (210x297mm) /A4 paper. The prints are signed by the artist.

Each Print is $25.00 or £14 (British pounds)  which includes shipping from UK to the United States or wherever.

The Paintings in acrylic on canvas ( about 2ft 6"/3ft in sizes) are available for purchase-contact Lady West for pricing.
Payment is easily made through PayPal.  Please contact Rosie West at westbuzz@btinternet.com


  1. The are gorgeous. And Lady should know there are so many more she would have a lovely experience with and SHOULD because, just as she suspects, she would see the world different once she knew the possibilities of an open gallop. The canter, eh, I could take it or leave it...

    Like everything in my life, if had not known I could fall, I would not have rode. It is part of life, albeit one to be overcome for some...

    She will do it, with great results I predict.

  2. Gaye, I am thrilled that you have featured my work.
    Thank you and Tally Ho! xRosie

  3. These are super. Straddling the great tradition and the bubblegum (especially the colors here) A lot going on here to enjoy and contemplate.

  4. What a pleasant surprise seeing Rosie's delightful
    work along with a bit of her personal history. How could anyone fail to be charmed by her breezy, self-deprecating prose? She's one of the most surprising bloggers on the internet. And her comic timing is

  5. Catherine-I knew you would love these!GT

  6. (lady) Rosie! it is my pleasure-I love these, as you know. As Anon. says it is a lot to see and to think about. X to you GT

  7. Anon- Yes, I couldn't agree more! GT

  8. Mr Worthington- So true, I can not wait to see what Rose has been up too- She is indeed a unique one and her blog is always read here-Just want more. GT

  9. Shucks! You are all so kind. Yes, of course I'm obsessively checking all the comments!

  10. What great fun. And I agree that Rose has great talents and great timing. Thanks Little A for bringing her our way. I like the thought of laughter circling the globe. So much healthier than bombs or pollution!

    p.s. As noted earlier on Style Court thanks also for the Mrs. Delaney heads up. Means I have 10 years left to become an overnight success!

  11. The equestrian pictures would work equally well as book jacket illustrations or as the basis for large textiles. I especially like the well defined color masses. They remind me of the graphic qualities of early Valloton paintings.
    Having attempted to to ride one of my mules recently without the benefit of a saddle, I can only tell you that ancient Greek cavalrymen could probably have passed kidney stones without the slightest wince.

  12. Home- I thought You would find Rosie's motivations for these paintings interesting! GT

  13. Rurritable- I will be checking into Valloton paintings- another something you have put me on to! GT

  14. Wonderful work!
    The concept of taking these very traditional horsey moments out of the world of sepia all the way to PoP is quite brilliant ... . in every way.


  15. I have had the pleasure of seeing these images up close and personal and they are truly glorious. I think Lady Rose might well have experienced a canter although I seem to recall it was pretty accidental....but that's a story she should tell!

  16. Poleskey- thank you for verifying!The promise of a "Canter"bury Tale from the Lady is thrilling. Do give her a friendly nudge! GT

  17. Polskey, who happens to be my daughter, is remembering a ride we had in Australia together in recent memory. Very unsuitable terrain for a novice, a wooded escarpment. I had the carthorsey number, blind in one eye but endlessy forgiving. Then he got spooked and broke into a trot! I was like a rag doll going up and down in the saddle out of sync. I shall spare you the details of what happened next. All I care to remember is going back to our car and smoking two cigarettes at once.

  18. Love the two cigarettes at once image, Lady Rose. You don't horse around with stress but smack it down! What a fun story and glad you have lived to tell it.

  19. Rose- the telling was worth it-at least for me.just 2 cigarettes? G

  20. I'm also a fan of Lady West's blog (thanks to you) and love her Pony series. Beautifully painted and designed.



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