09 December 2009

Michael Smith's wrapping paper for the Holidays

Michael Smith- forever now to be known as the Obama White House designer has introduced to his signature JASPER line of Fabrics and Furniture-selections of paper. Does that mean we will see some of it in the White House reveal? I hope so- they look lovely- from the recent announcement in the post.

With the same colour palette of his fabrics- No doubt Michael Smith will put Wallpaper back on top-which heavens- is noted as trending back. I have always been an advocate of paper- as future posts and past will attest. When did it not become the perfect way to treat a foyer, bath, bedroom? My favourite rooms to use them- unless we considered the aristocratic names of Gracie and de Gournay as wallpaper. I don't-I consider them Art. That said-the Dining Room is the perfect spot for Art as well.

 (the papers are not visible of the site yet)

"Years of poring over auction catalogs and hunting down antiques has allowed Michael S. Smith to be inspired by all styles and periods when deciding what furniture and objects to reproduce for the inimitable Jasper collection. Even though the collection represents this seemingly uncommon gathering, there is a thread that holds the pieces together - Michael’s unerring eye and unlimited taste."  from the Thomas Lavin site here. The Michael Smith fabric palette takes sage, clay, saffron, olive in perfect balance to create some of the most beautiful textiles- Favourite Fabrics are (from his site here)

Mogul Panel- Burgundy


Lacquer Stripe-Indigo


Indian Flower-saffron

Several of the fabrics have matching papers- Look for his rooms to feature furniture, curtains and walls to be saturated with-

Grace-cyan(exquisite colour)

Devonshire- blue/green

Nothing quite so pretty as this simple Devonshire en masse in a bedroom- Covered and crowned on this bed- a great beginning.

can't wait for a spot of the designer at home-
Buy is PALMA fragrance for the home right now at AGRARIA here.



  1. Hey, I have those Palma fragrance sheets! And I love the Grace in cyan- you're right, that is a divine color, especially with the creamy background. And that bed!

  2. Lauren- I always like the idea of fragrance sheets. Hard to find them- Do you love? That color I would love all over a house. Can't wait to see the WH results. GT

  3. The papers are gorge. And the home fragrance, who knew... will seek it out and give it a good sniff!

  4. To me the paisley is one of the most perfect of designs. I am always drawn to them. New twist (or at least new to me) is to see the often organic paisley marching in stripes. And the Mogul panel: perfect! Knew you would like cyan!

  5. Such beautiful papers. Paisley! I wish...

  6. Blushing- yes love a good designer scent- especially the possibility of drawer liners-seriously let me know-surely they will be touting it near the White House! GT

  7. Home, Liz- I am a lover of paisley too. It doesn't take much to throw another pattern on the fire at my house. I used the Indian flower in a breakfast room- hope to use a few of these in an upcoming project. GT



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