22 December 2009

Mistletoe & Holly to StyleCourt- for Stylish Gift Pairings & everything else good.

If you did not get over to Style Court this year, I'm surprised.
But wait-there's still time- her most recent post here "last minute ideas" is full of reasonably doable things for gift giving. She has been cited over and over again as one of the best of the many style blogs around-with the moniker- Style Court- how could she miss?

This December her blog has been my daily destination for her GIFT PAIRINGS posts here along with terrific suggestions for books here and for how to wrap it all up once in hand here.

I took her advice on wrapping paper and added two suggestions to my wrapping repertoire from this post.

I may take a slap on the wrist here- but don't think the next holiday won't creep up on you sooner rather than later. Dare I say it? No I dare not, but keep Style Court in sight for her all together most beautifully curated(yes I use that word) posts and the latest in museum goings on and anything else within radar-will already be old news at Style Court.

all photographs courtesy of Style Court.


  1. I follow the Style Court as a sort of devote and is always thrilled by what is offered there. I love there is yet another thing you and I share in common. A lovely week to you my dear.
    Warmest regards,

  2. Gaye -- Again, blushing here. I'm so glad you found something useful in the holiday posts and I'm especially thrilled that the wrap worked for you.

  3. My holiday shopping and wrapping is all done, but I still can't get enough of Courtney's posts...there's always next year!



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