11 December 2009

the Mitfords & more

if you don't follow along with the poetically beautiful blog JCB-shame on you. Start now. Start here

Janet's musings are a daily read for me.

right now over at JCB- I've selected my 5 favourite Biographys- What do you think of my picks?

(pcitured above Nancy Mitford as a debutante- top r.)


  1. Haven't read most of them, but enjoyed Savage Beauty a few years ago. New blog for me too.

  2. LOVE Nancy Mitford and Edith Wharton! The New York Times just reviewed a bio that I must put on my Christmas list: "The Talented Miss Highsmith" by Joan Schenkar. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/11/books/11highsmith.html

  3. I've Savage Beauty and the Edith Wharton. Others on the list. I have the feeling Mr. Amazon and I are going to great friends when this list is done. Like, you, like I need more books...but then what else soothes like a good read?

  4. Balsam, you will love JCB. Millay was something-I am fascinated by all these women.G

  5. Love the Home- I will have to check this out. thank you for stopping in. la

  6. how about AOL? AmazonOverLoad. The pile up begins-or should I say continues. G

  7. Well, I love them of course! Thank you for bringing a little bit of A to JCB! xo



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