13 December 2009

once upon a Partridge


Two Christmases ago a Christmas shoppe opened in my little village (really a small town-but village sounds much more once upon a time). Partridge graced the small village on Main Street for FIVE weeks. The proprietress gathered handmade ornaments, dummy board Santa Clauses, book galore, fresh greens- needless to say many beautiful treasures.

She collected from some of her favourite workshops-Salzburg Creations,ROOST, Global Views, along with textiles, millinery flowers, beeswax candles, scented candles, handmade Christmas ornaments, gift tags and one of kind vintage ornaments and creche figures.She was a busy proprietress.

All seemed idyllic, but unknown forces were gathering to bring holiday havoc to the proprietress and Partridge. Her stalwart Mrs.Santa (mother) and her trusty companion dog both fell under the spell of menacing spirits. Mrs. Santa was visited by the sprite of broken vertebrae and her trusty canine fell ill with unknown woes and alas-old age.

Suddenly the proprietress- was leaving both companions in their respective sick beds each morning, tearing out slightly late each day expected to spread cheer and sit in a chilly old bank of cold marble with little heat. She was trapped amongst her treasures-awaiting rosy cheeked shoppers. She was lonely. She was antsy. She was torn- Partridge or patients?

She pondered. Why in the ever loving name of Saint Nicholas did she want to feather this nest anyway?

She sat. Shoppers came, some shopped, some ogled,  some admired-Some even feathered their own nests.

Every day  the proprietress vowed to Never Open Partridge again. Partridge came and went that season- bringing a bit of elegance to an otherwise ordinary village.
Once upon a time was enough for this Partridge.


  1. That was absolutely adorable .I loved the delightful prose and I love Partridge and her mother and her once dog.. DOC

  2. ah yes I remember it well as does the old back-xoxo, M.

  3. Greetings,

    Aha! Partridge looked divine. I had a feeling that was your creation. Yes, there is a little shopkeeper in each of us. At least you have the pictures.



    P.S. Love the Chinese skirted round table.

  4. Once is memorable. Wise of you to stop.

  5. If we are true, our hearts tell us where to go. I know your pear tree is where you want and need to be. Happy holidaze-less.

  6. Such a shimmering Fairy Tale ... .
    thanks for the reminder that adorable little shops are a bit like building a doll house - the best part is putting it together.
    ( which you did VERY well !)




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