11 December 2009



Since 1831, the mythical Parisian store Deyrolle has offered nature enthusiasts an extensive collection of insects and shells and a wide range of taxidermy animals, natural curiosities, and educational materials for teaching the natural sciences. But on February 1, 2008, a fire in Deyrolle s devastated the cabinet of curiosities, entomology room, and a large part of the historic collections that included animals. Laurent Bochet and her camera were there, and she took pictures of the animals, as well as of Deyrolle s neighbors, firefighters on the scene, artist friends, and loyal customers, all of whom were marked by the event. This work is issued in conjunction with the store s official reopening in September 2009, and will commemorate a special date in Deyrolle s history.  from the Assouline site here


  1. That's just awful to loose such a treasure trove. Yet even in destruction a different kind of beauty can be glimpsed.

  2. Ahh, but the phoenix rises from the ashes! la



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