25 December 2009

Springtime of the Spirit


realize that Christmas is a pause.
The word is beautiful and the idea
behind it more beautiful.
Christmas is not just for children.
To believe that it is to believe that innocence
without knowledge is better than
understanding and faith and grace.
To be clever about Christmas
is to be profoundly stupid.
The early springtime of the spirit,
Christmas is renewal and joy.*

*from Vogue dec 1965, author unknown.


  1. Merry Christmas, PJT. Thank you for all your wonderful stories this year. Best wishes, Trish

  2. Merry Christmas. I look forward to your blog posts and they always send me off looking for more on the story. Thanks.

  3. Love this post! Great stuff! Wishing you all that your post inspires!

  4. Hope everyone had a beautiful day too.

  5. Good god, gorgeous, and an a predecessor of Karen Walker's jewelry lookbooks, what with the bijoux draped on birds and all.



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