12 January 2010

Devastating Beauty III THE MEN revealed

pictured here from top- 
Marlon Brando in Streetcar- a Lauren of (In)decorous Taste pick
Paul Newman-selected by HOBAC
Gregory Peck-a Paris Originals pick
Joe Dallasandro in Heat- indeed!a HOBAC selection
Gary Cooper- a Little Augury pick
Rudolph Nureyev- another selection by Lauren of (In)decorous Taste
Stefan of Architect Design named Cecil Beaton & Stephen Tennant.


  1. Man o man a super list of men. Cecil Beaton to Brando,gotta dig that.

  2. good list!! stephen tennant's bio is on my list for this winter..

  3. Marlon Brando... oh.my.GOD!

    messy, meaty, hunky and reeking of sweet sweaty testosterone. LOVE him.

  4. Paul Newman. Now and forever.

    And where's Cary?

  5. Gary Cooper, Oh so handsome but where are my personal favorites Robert Redford, Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood maybe for 'Devastating Beauty IV'
    You have a lovely week.

  6. These are ALL the MEN that made the list surprisingly so-perhaps it is the "beauty" word that seems to throw us off- though I can't know why. Gary Cooper was my pick-classic good looks, soft voice when warranted and just a touch of vulnerability-devastating.

  7. they all look the same!

  8. I have to say, I thought for a minute GREGORY PECK was HUGH JACKMAN...no wonder I love Hugh! He is DELICIOUS to look at and especially to listen to.

    ~Beautiful to gaze upon~

  9. Paul Newman was as gorgeous in person as he was in the movies. I had the pleasure of seeing him around town in Westport, Conn. which is where he lived and my home for awhile. He once bought my daughter a drink after she lost her job! they were both sitting with friends at a local bar.

  10. Anon 10:39 No! not at all, though yes all pretty devastatingly Beautiful.

    Lindaraxa-Love these stories.

    RJ- GP does do HJ nicely. All the images look fairly modern- even a little Bruce Weber in the case of Brando.

  11. i just realized that my previous comment was lust and not beauty. instant, primal and might i say an awwwwwfully strong reaction. *ahem*. (it has been my downfall making choices in the past.) beauty takes a while to see -- it is about the whole person, discovering as the layers are peeled away.

  12. It's not that I don't use the word
    beauty for
    men -but not for many. I think Soodie's 1st reaction is right -that's the devastating part! Who defines this thing anyway!I vote for G Peck and Paul Newman. To add some Frenchies to the list how about Mathieu Kassovitz ,Gérard Philippe?

  13. Newman is gorgeous and from stories a wonderfully kind person as well. G

  14. Soodie- doesn't lust play into it-especially the movie stars of the period. So photographed and idolized. Those today- Not so much, we just look at them and say, there but for the grace of god go i!

  15. Soodie- great way of putting it- "sweaty, meaty... sweet sweaty testosterone." RIGHT ON.
    Joe Dallasandro was also a HOT pick. Good call, didn't even think of him.



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