17 January 2010

Devastating Beauty XI: the Dying Swan?

one of my very aesthetic friends observes- the Dying Swan- how could the ethereal fragile Anna Pavlova have been missed from a Devastating Beauty List?

"If I can't dance then I'd rather be dead."

"Play the last measure very softly."
"Get my costume ready"

quotations reflect Pavlova's words-
1st quote upon finding she would require surgery for pleurisy-and she would be unable to dance again.
2 & 3 her dying words



  1. Anna Pavlova has always been my favorite ballerina! I used to wish I was Russian instead of American so I could grow up to be just like Pavlova.

  2. She is indeed ethereal, the video is incredible- it appears every muscle in her arms moves during the ballet.



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