09 January 2010

Gray's de Stael & DVF


Francine du Plessix Gray

You must read this book.You can read it ONLINE right now at DAILYLIT here
Diane von Furstenburg wants you to-here 
I want you to-
Isn't that enough?

The author, Francine du Plessix Gray, jets through the famous, infamous grand Madame de Stael with jaunt, wit and truth. France's saloniste of the Napoleonic period-She could barely gain a foot hold in  Paris before Napoleon and his ego would oust her. Napoleon disliked the first Modern Woman and she in turn never relented in her expressing her strong opinions about his reign- making her life filled with more drama (she was a bit of one-a drama queen that is) and her bags at the ready.

"Life is about giving, you know? That's a lesson I can give. It's a luxury to give. And even if people take advantage of you a little bit, it's okay." DVF

The entire idea of DailyLit is quite amazing and for this book to be available to so many is impressive, the generosity of von Furstenburg is impressive- and MADAME is beyond all of that.

The author-on style.com here

Read about the author GRAY here

another book by du Plesseix Gray I recommend-



  1. I applaud DVF's generosity of spirit with a very smart and somewhat, unconventional, idea. I have been entertaining the notion of reading a book in its entirety online, so what better time and title than this?

  2. It is excellent- I have done a few with dailylit. this one through all of January and you can back track as well. I highly recommend it EA! especially for you. Gray writes in just enough of an aside to keep the reader right there- knowing his or her thoughts-Yet a true scholar! I love her writing. GT

  3. This is indeed a marvellous gift from DVF. And I think her quote about generosity is compelling. Thank you for pointing up Daily Lit. Always ahead of the game, la!

  4. thank you for the lead to this treasure - a wonderful way to start the day - i just finished a couple of installments - i also like the writer's almanac from npr - do you know about this? daily poetry and interesting daily facts about authors etc

  5. Rosie- a great site with good little pop in the box literary quotes each day, etc.

    Marnie, wonderful. Thank you for your recommendation-it is always great to swap treasure- GT

  6. Your blog is so unique. I will enjoy the book daily, thanks for letting us know.

  7. Yes, thumbs up on the De Staël book!

  8. Brillante- So glad you are enjoying both the book and the blog.

    Janet-so good.



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