19 January 2010

no longer a Mam'selle

But a married lady.

Emily Evans Eerdmans writes an erudite blog, writes books, namely, Classic English Design and Antiques and a favourite of mine- Regency Redux. Emily is working on a book about the one and only Madeleine Castaing. Everyone that follows Emily's blog is bowled over by her wit-especially her wit and wisdom.

Now-what to give her as a wedding present?
No, Money is no object. (it's playlike)
But always a realist-It can not be ridiculously over the top.
So-I asked myself-what would Mme. Castaing do?

I have No idea,
But perhaps she would say-something like
Be brave.
Be bold.
Ah-Be romantic.
Make it wonderful.

I hope this chandelier arrives safely. It will always be a pain to take down, to crate, to move- But it will always Go...

with that Jansen table.

image from here

See Emily's post about the table here
The GIFT: A five light Wedgewood Porcelain mounted Chandelier-from 1st dibs, Carlton Hobbs LLC- The circular shaft, centered by an Etruscan vase, is connected to an inverted dish decorated with a relief of repeating classical figures and foliate motifs, and is centered by an inverted turned knop. The plain cylindrical upturned arms terminating in foliate drip pans. From each arm is suspended a classical amphora decorated in relief with Classical figural and foliate decoration.( and thank you to Carlton Hobbs for not disclosing the price)

Read JUST WED by Emily here
Read Emily's posts about Madeleine Castaing here
1st & 2nd images from Emily here


  1. The fixture is beautiful, but I may have to "borrow" the table until she finds a place for it.

  2. Mrs. B. I am hoping someone else will give her the table, I could not afford both.

  3. Gaye, this was delightful.
    Great "gift" and witty sentiments.

  4. Mr.W. glad you like it-I think Mme Castaing may have been able to find a spot for it, perhaps.Have missed you presence, welcome back

  5. Excellent choices! I will create a fabulous work of art for the newlyweds!

  6. Karena, thanks-It something I would want for myself, though my taste lends itself to many things. I know EEE will love the gift you create.

  7. Gaye, Madeleine was famously cheap, so she probably wouldn't have been much help advising you (unless of course it was something from her shop). She certainly would have approved of that devastatingly chic chandelier you found. Hubba hubba!

    One thing she undoubtedly would have shared with us though was her belief that the greatest success of her life was keeping the love between her and her husband strong for 30+ years.

    Thank you for your warm wishes - they mean so much. xo, EEE

  8. Emily, Glad you approve, as mentioned there are a pr of Frances Elkins urns available as an exchange if you desire! Yes indeed-didn't her husband buy her Maison de Leves? What's not to love? Much happiness. pgt

  9. Now, that is what I would call a statement piece.

  10. For the love of a table, a chandelier and a bride - your gift certainly would light the way for many years and many a dinner party.
    Best wishes to Madame and her Mr.

  11. What a most wonderful idea, a virtual shower. Would love to see a furnished apartment with all of these gifts together.

    Can't wait for the EEE china pattern discussion to begin. I can assume that everyone from around the globe will have an opinion. Personally, I am voting for Chateaubriand Blue by Bernardaud. It is French, but not overly so with blue and roses. It's romantic, lovely, traditional, but not common. Just like the bride.

  12. What a chic and wonderful present! Madeleine would have loved that and Emily will for sure.I didn't know about her writing a book about Castaing. Madeleine Castaing is an example for me for many reasons. I love to be abble to still sell her fabrics ( from Edmond Petit )

  13. Melanie, Love all the Castaing things and can not wait for the book-I love your blog. I visit regularly. I have a little Castaing in the breakfast room at my house, see my posting. pgt



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