04 January 2010

& the Pursuit of Happiness Ends


 infinitely talented Maira Kalman posted the last of her fantastic "And the Pursuit of Happiness" illustrated odes to American democracy December 31st. Fortunately all of her work is going into a book due out 2010.

images from the Maira Kalman -And the Pursuit of Happiness blog in the New York Times here


  1. Are you familiar with the work of Oscar Demejo? He has a similarly exuberant style. He's commonly called a naive painter, but the interior logic of his work places him in a different class. He was also authored some hilarious children's books.

  2. I just took a look at her last
    post on GW ... .
    what a remarkable talent!

    That's a book to add to the
    Most Wanted list -


  3. Hers will be some of the books that collectors will be hunting for someday.

  4. rurritable-will check it out
    Jjj and Mrs. B.- I have one of her books, should start collecting. I have loved these entries and the book is On the LIST. G

  5. I am so glad she ended with George! Incidentally, the day I finally got around to checking her blog, I had planned an outing to Mount Vernon. Great minds, I guess!

  6. Love Maira Kalman. George Washington was my imaginary best friend when I was quite small. That's either profoundly disturbing or classically wonderful. Now I will certainly buy the book!

  7. Janet-would love to Mount Vernon, give me an early heads up if you take a group along. G

    DMC, Well, I think that is profoundly wonderful. Have you read much about your friend George? I think you should- G

  8. G - Not as much as I should have, but I'm in a late 18th century / early 19th century mental phase, so it's about time. And I wish I had my own fig tree.



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