03 February 2010

Thea Beasley Thea Beasley Thea Beasley

have you ever had ONE of THOSE DAYS? 
Thea Beasley has a headache. 
Formerly known as TALITHA LOVE, 
Thea has lost her blog.
Lost her Blog?
Now I don't know- 
but I am still
on pins and needles 
that this sort of thing could happen. 
Has it ever happened to YOU?
TALITHA LOVE is gone, 
needs a little LOVE 
more than ever.

requiescat in pace

images by Giotto


  1. I know exactly how Thea feels. As long as there is another day, I have hope.

    Here's to tomorrow x

    *Lovely imgages.

  2. I am howling, screaming, crying (seriously, tears at this point, like Nancy MItford would) of your increidble support---, grandstanding my name.... YOU , are lovely, you! Don't have any idea what I have done to deserve this, and only hope I can produce soemthing in future to deserve. Overwhelmed.Where do you live. Will send flowers, sweets, designer shoes. Has nothing really to do with the blog world, just so gobsmacked to meet someone so kind in this world. Sorry if I ameffusively stupid, do forgive, don't often meet such kind souls, and am grateful. You are the BEST!

  3. i would be sick. especially if you just type right into the little box (like me) and have no record of what you wrote on your hard drive... went to her blog in support. great images by giotto, btw!

  4. Tomorrow is another day. It is always the worst at night. The light of day helps so much!

  5. Oh, dear. And I thought it was bad when I taught journalism in high school and that new-fangled offset printing thing was THE THING. Corrections had to be made with x-acto knives (not a good mix with high school students). Always sure to have big box of band aides and the rule when a small piece went missing everyone had to stop in place and look on the bottom of their shoes. Hope all goes well in Love land, and the stars in cyberspace open and shine on Thea. Always love to see bloggers support each other with such loving kindness. Good karma can never be bought!

  6. Thank you again, still don't know what I did to deserve such blog love.....

    You are going to think I'm stalking you, from so many missives of thanks, from so many places.

    Am gobsmacked, laid low, and daunted that there is a dear heart, such as mine, still left in the world. And, so many others, who don't even know me, and I haven't done a thing to warrant their good will, have written to say kind words.

    Soaking up my good fortune,

    Thea/ Talitha Love



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