08 March 2010



 Diane Kruger wearing Chanel Couture
Oscar 2010


picture Diane here:

Cecil Beaton's Ascot from My Fair Lady

photograph from the guardian UK, huffpost


  1. this dress was pretty bad, I think. great research on your part, but then LA never disappoints.

  2. Love love the Chanel!!

    Art by Karena

  3. great minds think alike and do disagree too. I think this one will get mixed reviews for sure.

  4. Very very clever to have made the relation between Diane Kruger's Chanel dress and the blak and white Beaton race number. Bravo!!!

  5. thanks Jeanne-Aelia, did like this very much.

  6. You see, I like the dress from the neck to the knees, but then it get's a bit too much of a confection. Certainly the train is too much for my taste. I do not like the proportions...But then again this pretty gal can carry almost anything and look good.
    This is the benefit of youth!

  7. I can see what you want for Christmas!

  8. VA- it is a confection indeed, I immediately put it into the MFL category, a favourite movie of mine.

  9. Elizabeth, oh how I wish, I might settle for the new movie version out sometime next year! g

  10. This is a great design, it was hard to see the bottom until I saw the Style Police who disliked it. She is beautiful and looks amazing! I loved the Purple Fur Dress as well!
    Best, Connie

  11. Gaye, now that I see this in context.. I am warming to to it. Another great piece of stage-managing here, Gaye

  12. Gaye, now that I see this in context.. I am warming to to it. Another great piece of stage-managing here, Gaye

  13. I love her in this dress. Youth, joie de vivre, and elegance, all wrapped tight in a delicious black and white confection.

  14. This dress is one of the best I have ever seen in my life! BRAVO!!

    Love it all........the "train"; the asymmetry......the textures......the cream and black......the back......brilliant beyond! Leave it to Karl to design it.....and YOU to discover it and relate it to that divine movie....

    There is brilliance in design......and you seem to find it!

    Thank you for this!

    Lucky we who subscribe to your brilliant blog!!

    ps "Jezebel" hit the nail on the head! Especially the "joie de vivre"!! It takes me paragraphs to say what she says in one sentence! Wow!!

    I especially love the bottom: One kind of "kicks" back every other step or so! (That is so the brilliance of this dress! ) The whole thing.......but then the "train"!! Lord have mercy!! It doesn't get in the way.......no one steps on it....and you just kick backwards every few steps! What FUN!!! LOVE!!!

    "Joie de Vivre"!! My hallmark since I was 3, or something! My godmother said about me:......"she has such joie de vivre!!" I had no idea....my mother did......and I did.....and I do! It is a "gift" one is born with; I think! Darn lucky to have it! ( I think it is brain chemistry!!)

    In any case......that dress has it!! Divine!! Thank you, darling one!!!

    1. as always-Penelope, you are the best, thoughtful and personally I adore the WORDS. pgt



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