06 March 2010

Vivienne Westwood's silent movie

Crazy heightened theatrical makeup aside-  Vivienne Westwood's Fall 2010 Collection is beautiful. Envision the runaway  with the great Silent Goddesses: Mary Pickford, Zazu Pitts, Theda Bara, Gloria Swanson, Phyllis Haver, Phyllis Dean. I have always loved her flamboyant costumery  and her talent at making smart wearable British fashion-
always done with a pinch of nostalgia lingering along the fringes of preWorld War II and taking it right to the edgy 80's Punk.

all Vivienne Westwood images from style.com HERE
silent film images from silent ladies HERE


  1. So true and even a little Alice in Wonderland in the mix...love your juxtaposition of pictures!
    You have a great eye for details!


  2. oh Yes, Victoria- very Alice indeed! You have the eye too.pgt

  3. A post with Theda Bara! Always a good thing. Beautiful clothes. Vivianne Westwood really knows how to do this look. She practically invented it with her early pirate inspired collections. Lovely.

  4. Great images, and an excellent assessment of inspirational sources for this colletion.
    Where are the film stills from?

  5. Dandy- theda bara, yes! I loved this collection, facial hair and all!
    Debra- thanks, I have added a link to most of the images- silentladies.com an amazing place, I had a hard time finding a single source-but this one is great.



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