23 April 2010

ancestry.com, the signs


much is made about roots,
much is made about ancestors.

(and everything in between)




all the Magna Carta Barons here 

charlemagne.org here 




  1. We would have fun visiting Cave Hill in Kentucky.
    One of the spots my Mother took us to as children to feed the ducks stale bread.
    It is a stunning graveyard with glorious markers and statues and wonderful names. Not scary at all.

  2. The trouble is that most people throw out the ephemera of their own generation so that their stories disappear. The children and grandchildren, even if they are interested in family history, have great difficulty in finding out where grandma was born and what grandpa did during the war.

    I would love a family crest like you have shown, or family portraits dated from Edwardian times (let alone earlier). I wish ancestors wrote names and dates on the back of photos and paintings.

  3. So one of your relatives was "supposedly the first white man to settle in Raleigh?" I always thought you had an Irish soul. German is it now?

  4. so cool (I love hearing about the family; you are a marvelous ingenious legendary bunch)

    more, please

  5. My father has dug up the combined family history back to the 18th century. Partly longer back, I think it's one of the most fascinating things to see were one comes from and which places have shaped pesonal & family history. Nothing brings it to life like this!
    Love your collection above!


  6. pve, Kentucky is gorgeous country-Lexington. Just next door is Tapp's Hole in Tenn. My niece discovered this. pgt

  7. Hels, so true. there is lots out on the internet-pretty impressive. My mother's old "maid"(I shutter) did all the family research on that side in the 60-70's. Tracing back to the Magna Carta, three Barons. It was not so easy-Yes everything was saved in that house. Mother has some lovely papers going quite far back.(the penmanship outstanding)

  8. Home, quite German on my father's side one branch-English on the other.
    Mother's family deeply French Alsace Lorraine, and English. Oh and yes a bit of the Scots.
    The sign is in Tenn. discovered by my niece we were right proud of that one.

  9. Victoria T. Who knows what lies beneath? I find it throughly fascinating.

    VictorianArt- I so agree about it. We have traced back on both my parents side. I have been lucky to enjoy the history and spared the work.I have some good tales.



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