04 April 2010

another coconut cake

fortunately I never have had to go for long periods of time without satisfying my cravings... for coconut cake. Soon after I moved into the neighborhood of my previous home, the drugstore lunch counter was converted into a full on restaurant. At first  I thought -what sad news. The lunch counters are going-if not already gone, and losing the Hayes Barton one- just devastating. I quickly found out the neighborhood traded up up up! read a review here  The new proprietors, a husband and wife team- have created something unique to Raleigh and it doesn't hurt the cuisine is outstanding- and THE coconut cake is otherworldly. Honestly-I kid you not. Marget, the owner, is baker extraordinaire at The Hayes Barton Cafe & Dessertery here

some of Marget's masterpieces can be seen here, like a piece of  THE coconut cake served only as what I would call unartfully a "slab"

the Five Points area of Hayes Barton
Raleigh NC

shops line both sides of this street, antiques, flowers, more food and the post office
looking right-My old house would be just across the street from the restaurant

my house just a crossing of the street away from the coconut cake 

since moving away-I have not found another coconut cake, but tomorrow is another day.

find out more about the Five Points neighborhood here 

unfortunately I am not receiving any coconut cake in exchange for this post.


  1. love your home and that coconut cake is just a stones throw away.

  2. Try finding a coconut cake in Hollywood, impossible! I'm very jealous. Lucky You! I love your blog by the way, it's heartfelt and mysterious all at the same time. Not easy to do.

  3. Great post -- which has now officially activated my own coconut-related craving: I have an inexplicable craving about once a year for coconut cream pie, and I only get to satisfy it on visits back home to the US. (Coconut cakes and esp. pies are unknown here in Europe.) Luckily, I'll be back home in about 10 days, and there's a place outside Seattle that does homemade cakes and pies, every piece or "slab" a meal in itself.
    Again, loved your post and the pix to match. That coconut cake looks worthy of chronic cravings.

  4. I will be emailing you a fantastic, easy and satisfying coconut cake recipe. My favorite kind of cake too!!!

  5. I hope I didnt put anyone off a diet-one reason I am truly craving something this decadent.
    good luck with the coconut cake quest-where ever you may be. Gaye



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