25 April 2010

la infanta


Velasquez's Infanta don Margarita de Austria
Hans Silvester.


  1. Two stunning images of grand women .. . they seem comfortable with each other.


  2. Another witty juxtaposition here, Gaye. Fabulous. Just come back to visit you after a while and love you new header. And now I will look at all the treats below.. can't keep up with your genius posting.

  3. The last picture brings back fond memories of my grandfather who gave me a copy in the 60's, when I was a teenager. He said it reminded him of me when I teased my hair! Beautiful photos.

  4. choices to resonate in dreams, perfect pitch

  5. LA,

    You have chosen your template wisely as it so brilliantly showcases the imagery. I long for the spaces of white.

    As always, kudos to your brilliance in juxtapositioning.

  6. these photographs are overwhelming, I'm glad you liked them, please investigate them further, the book is beautiful and there are many of the images out on the web now.pgt

    Linda, I love to have these sorts of memories triggered. The image is lovely and what a beautiful gift to give a granddaughter. pgt

  7. It is funny...no matter the culture, the social status...women will always go to amazing lengths to adorn themselves. We are funny creatures.



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