15 May 2010

de Borchgrave's Gibson Girl

Isabelle's Gibson Girl is paper and paint
all about Isabelle here


  1. LOVE her work! This one is so restrained compared to others I've seen.

  2. I always wanted to be a Gibson Girl!
    With my hair aplomb on my head and don lovely a-line skirts and peak lapel jackets....
    pretty -

  3. Susan Adler SobolMay 16, 2010 at 10:37 AM

    I have been interested in her work for years. Although I own several of her books, I have never been fortunate enough to see her paper fashions in person. Thanks for the link to her website. There are so many of her paper goods designs that I recognize.

  4. There's a special crispness to these pieces - they seem to require
    a step beyond perfect posture.


  5. A couple of years ago...she had the most Spectacular exhibit at the Museo Fortuny...ALL FORTUNY GOWNS, ROBES AND GAUZES created of paper. The pleating, the color washes, papers that look like Velvet and Silk, she is truly a Magician.

    As I strolled the museum, KNOWING that Mariano Fortunys' Soul still breathes there, I peeked into his library where all his Alchemy and History books, his little presses and Magicians tools...well, a vision came to me ~ that maybe she is his 'Soul' Daughter.

    I wish that one day, there will be a Major Exhibit devoted to her works of period costumes.

  6. I love her work too. Have a number of her books, this one from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston from her show there-but Venice! how wonderful. pgt



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