18 May 2010

Elegance, again

Elegance with Dapper

Dapper with Soignee

Elegance with Soignee

No one is more Elegant in pictures today than- Carolina Herrera- anywhere, at any age. Here at the PLAZA HOTEL Hamish Bowles, Amy Fine Collins and Lorry Newhouse hosted a dinner kicking off the Lighthouse International's annual POSH fashion sale and honored designer Carolina Herrera and 1st Dibs Founder Michael Bruno.  (all pictures from NYSD here)

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  1. I want it all - elegance, soignee and the jade earrings.

  2. Yes, I noticed the jade earrings immediately. pgt

  3. Herrera, so elegant and truly timesless. Love the Soignee gown.


    Art by Karena

  4. How I wish I could be that elegant... Carolina Herrera has such great style and poise. Love from London x

  5. I want those soignee sleek buff arms to go with all that elegance. Amy must do pull-ups or weights?
    Herrera, I wanted my wedding gown to be one of her designs, but I had to design my own elegant gown!!!
    (see when one is forced to a life of creative DIY!)

  6. Karena, I love that AFC dress too-surprisingly a short dress. She is the ultimate in this word. pgt

  7. Mlle, Yes, CH makes it seem absolutely effortless too-that an art in itself. I think part of it is she knows herself so well when it comes to her clothes and what she looks and feels comfortable in. Comfort is a part of that, Oh, and Pockets! pgt

  8. PVE, creativity and artistry such as yours makes it more, much more than DIY.I would love to see some photographs. pgt



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