06 May 2010

little augury: a lament


I never saw an ugly thing in my life:
for let the form of an object be what it may-
Light,Shade, & Perspective
will always make it beautiful.

John Constable

the loss of an Aesthete is lessened by having been given in abundance his boundless knowledge, generosity & friendship.

Light be the earth upon you,
Lightly rest.


read An Aesthete's Lament here


  1. beautiful peonies! How do you keep them from being full of ants if they're from your garden and not a florist?

  2. I agree. But I will miss him horribly.

  3. I am so sad about this. I read AAL and you every day, and appreciate the thought and time that you both put in. I will miss AAL terribly. Glad you are still here. Thank you.

  4. Very fitting. He will be sorely missed.

  5. I have signed the official book of mourning at AAL, but felt I should join the group of of LA's fearless to say how much he will be missed. I hope his wonderful prose will appear in a new book so that we can continue to get our fix.

  6. Should your Twin AAL decide to stay a recluse...which is better than a loose wreck, then you, The Sister shall have the harder job of keeping the family together.

    I will miss AAL...but somehow I know that you will both speak as One.

    Sending Best Wishes...and thought of you as I walked up those Grand Stairs into the Met Costume Gala which WAS the Best...Rita Lydigs shoes were PERFECTION, and seeing them years after reading DV's story of them was the highlight.

    My Balenciaga Opera coat was beautifully Sacred, ala Spanish Infanta!

    You must get in to see...

  7. What a turning of events this week in blog land. He graces my blogroll too. Always an interesting read; a loss of educating rita so to speak.

    Will be sorely felt as an absent writing blog.

    I do wish him well and hope that his new found freedom is well suited.


  8. Thank you very much for the peonies (which I adore) and the kind words. I appreciate them enormously.

  9. Ah. My peonies have buds but no blooms. Not yet, but soon. ((sigh))

  10. All the wonderful, memorable posts in the Aesthete's Lament archives may already be gone, but their ghosts linger on behind the Google mirror. I know, because that's where I spent most of the day.

    The direct link to the archives is already cold, but if you act swiftly--before the next sweep of Google's inexorable broom--you can still find treasure in the cache bin. Scrabbling for bright bits in the gloom--who ever thought we'd be reduced to this?



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