22 June 2010

a Baroness in Paris decorates


I don't often show off rooms currently gracing the glossies-
But this one made me stop-
& again,
& again.
I love the Paris interiors featured in Vogue Living Australia's July August issue and on gracing its cover.

The designer's name I immediately recognized-
from another set of rooms?
was she a jewelry designer?
Both, but it was mostly the rooms I remembered. (of course) .

Photograph by Roger Davies

full of color, JOY.
elegance, CALM.
these rooms in Elle Decor

 the yellow of a 16th century ter Brugghen feather

This grand Salon in this designer's own Paris home has been cocooned in the a yellow silk damask, trimmed in a green damask with a fine edging of red that defines it all & finds its way onto the passementeried curtains. This emerald green is repeated in a brocatelle on a pair a diminutive chairs- the green akin to Givenchy green.

You know-
that glorious green of Hubert de Givenchy's -
this-his ensemble for Grace Kelly.

-Not to mention the striking Untitled(Black Star) by Philippe Decrauzat moving across a yellow canvas.

Need I say more?
just- one more thing.
This bed-
the Baroness added this exotic silver "neo-Baroque" bed and tucked it into the corner of her Salon.

& for the bed-She conjures her own image.


which came first?
the movie or the room?

"You look up at the ceiling with all those moldings and you say to yourself, This is France!"
-says the designer from her heavenly cushioned corner

with just a hint of the red in a 17th century la Tour

All things add up to Rose Anne de Pampelonne.

Baroness Bruno de Pampelonne photographed by Richard Powers
for Vogue Living Australia

The rooms of the Vogue Living were done up by the Baroness for an elegant Russian client. Things look quite different here on the surface-but digging deeper the Pampelonne aesthetic is strikingly present. The interiors are impeccable and I won't revel any more than that first glimpse, but her philosophy of design resounds equally in the text-

"When I make a commitment, it goes down to the bath salts. I'm demanding with clients, asking for approval at every stage because every decision is interlinked."


" I believe in unifying interiors with textures and comfort. The grander the house the greater the need to make it feel comfortable."

Is there a bed tucked into the Salon ?
Not telling.
there is a Mouflon de Pauline.

the designer outside her Paris home 
photographed by Roger Davies

I see a Vogue Living Australia in your future-
in your hands.

the jewelry here at the Bag Hag Diaries
her own home in Elle Decor here
the art of Philippe Decrauzat here
the dress at Vogue.com here
Garbo's Camille here
Florence Lopez here
Galerie Herve Van der Straeten here


  1. I am in love with this fabulous designer Rose Anne de Pampellone, her color palette, the equisite homes, the art!

    Art by Karena

  2. Stunning - I can never seem to find Vogue Living Australia here. Wonder if it is another hundred dollar subscription?

  3. I know just what you mean about the Givenchy green. These rooms are really about an artist's canvas as you so beautifully paint for your reader. Good stuff.

  4. Karena, yes an artist. She is from the Philippines, studied in London, resides in Paris. Her jewelry is truly gorgeous-I have found it adds a bit of spark to your 50's!

  5. Patricia, I broke down with a subscription. It has just been overhauled and this issue is pretty great- alot of 2 page style and design spreads and great features. pgt

  6. Anon. It is Givenchy green-the perfect one, not the one he had in his apartments-that is deeper but the Grace Kelly one. The dress pictured was made for a trip to Ireland- appropriately emerald.

  7. Oh, where have I been? I just had to read back your fabulous posts (incl. the great one on Poiret) and this one is just beautiful! The interiors, the art and THAT green dress, wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing all these beautiful things... Love from London x

  8. It is summer and things slow down all round! THAT Gg dress is something and these interiors are a study in luxury and color. Love both. the bedroom is gorgeous too-and the dining room check that out on elle decor. pgt

  9. This post is so wonderful in every way... but the dress!! Oh my, may I just sound greedy and say... "I want it!" ; ) And, the Decrauzat star!

  10. That dress she created is wonderful-I would love to have a piece of her jewelry. pgt

  11. I saw this elsewhere churned over on the original article in the original Vogue Living and it is nothing to your post. What a talent you have for turning anything into art. Impressive.



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