25 June 2010

Charlotte's leitmotif

from Halcyon Days
the Charlotte Moss bracelet with a beautiful woven basket motif & daisy
 the Nantucket Collection

the designer-Charlotte Moss

a beautiful old caned chair in one of Charlotte Moss' own spaces

Charlotte Moss Style
a Spring table setting with woven basket chargers,
woven vessels &  woven wrapped glasses

the Nancy pattern designed for Pickard by Charlotte Moss-
inspired by Nancy Lancaster, fellow Virginian

 a graceful motif of bamboo style fretwork
 in the tradition of tastemaker Nancy Lancaster

from Pickard: Nancy

the Nantucket baskets

Nancy spill vase, what is wonderful about it besides
the basket weave pattern?
I never tire of-Its' diminutive size,
(3 1/2  inches)

The Muse Collection by Charlotte Moss. Redecorating the White House, hosting state dinners and picnics in Nantucket… Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis left an enduring legacy that continues to inspire us today. The Nantucket Collection is decorated on cocoa beige and white enamel with delicate hand painted daisy chains and intricate shading on the basket weave.(from the Halcyon Days site)

more of Charlotte Moss's collection of Nantucket here
be inspired on the Charlotte Moss blog "tete e tete"  here, &  her "c'est inspire" here


  1. I think I might have to have that little vase, I love the cuff too but find that solid bracelets like that clunk against my wrist bone - by the end of the day my wrist is the size of Hellboy's

  2. Years ago, I had some Hitchcock Chairs that needed caning and an elderly man repaired them all by hand.
    The beauty lies in the diminutive repetition and natural beauty and alas, the practicality.
    So pretty for an island home or summer table.

  3. I really like her work!
    The set as shown in the picture from Pickard is fabulous!

  4. I adore caning, the bracelet is fabulous. Love Charoltte's design works

    I must say that is one of the most beautiful photographs of Jackie that I have seen.

    Art by Karena

  5. Tabitha, great of you to visit and I am going to follow along with your blog- get that vase.

  6. Patricia, I agree about the caning and love Hitchcock chairs-the caning is becoming a lost art.

  7. MGD-I think she has distilled the design beautifully, love all of her collections of women in design and fashion sketches too. pgt

  8. Karena, it is easy to see the design inspiration in that Jackie photograph, perhaps Jackie felt at home in yellow, it is a beautiful portrait.

  9. The Charlotte Moss pieces are so attractive. The picture of Jackie you selected you reminded me how singularly stunning she was. I've always felt few people can pull of wearing yellow and she is one of them. I'll be in Martha's Vineyard this year - although not Nantucket - but hopefully I'll still be able to treat myself to a Nantucket basket.



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