02 June 2010

Lady Diana & the cabbage

little augury follows something and happily--- down the rabbit hole WEEEE! go.
this time (you're late! you're late!), it is- Cooking with Lady Diana Cooper-

I do not profess to be skilled at cookery. No, No.
Did the Lady?
this recipe- I guess- IF the Lady in question cooked- must have been one of her stock in trade ones.

I imagine my incredible childhood music teacher to be on the same culinary
skill level as Lady Diana.
My lady- FRANCES- How DIVA-ine!
I love her still.
Many hours at the keyboard we spent... In conversation- sharpening my social skills, discussing fashion, city matters-(gossip)-Oh yes---&----I played the piano too. Basically, I graduated with HONORS from the Frances Critcher Wright School of Deportment. (but I digress- not shocking)

one of Lady Frances' Recipes I favor- Quick Tomato Aspic

 the charming blog- Joanna's Food shares Lady Diana Cooper's SPICED CABBAGE recipe HERE .

Diana Cooper's Spiced Cabbage

1/2 a white cabbage, shredded or use a whole JANUARY KING CABBAGE (my note- a wonderful semi-savoyed heirloom dating back to Victorian England ,the French also claim it)
4 tbsp sesame oil
one small onion, chopped
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
good pinch of caraway seed

Heat the oil in a large pan, and gently fry the onion and caraway. As it starts to brown, add the cabbage. Cook as if it was a stir fry - keep it moving, and when it's done to your liking, add the vinegar and salt to taste.(from Joanna's Food blog)

One day, I will share the two ingredient La Frances Aspic recipe with you.

& NO,
I can not imagine Lady Diana doing this either-
But here IT is in -Cecil Beaton's divine black and white.
They say Cecil could get his subjects to do anything.

I would bet My life My Lady Frances never ever milked a cow.


  1. She doesn't actually look very comfortable milking that cow.

  2. I somehow think the cow wasn't either! pgt

  3. It's actually a bit tricky to milk a cow. Harder than one would imagine - but, like all else, once you get the hang of it.

  4. I had a similar piano teacher - bev bradbury. She was marvelous and I think of her often, although she would yell at me since i so rarely ever play anymore!

  5. But even Marie Antoinette liked to play at it! And who wouldn't seize the opportunity with a hat like that as costume!!

    Well we now know where you get your savoir vivre and social cultcha! My mother had a similar idol as a music teacher. It makes me feel deprived not having had one.

  6. Where do you get this stuff?!!! incredible...I am about ready to post an aspic recipe, very retro no? and typical of the ladies who lunch. Wonder why it disappeared from the limelight, guess we all got sick of it, like quiche. I think it's time to resurrect!!

  7. Le style- You are so very right, must find cow to milk asap! pgt

    & Stefan- where would we be without our piano teachers-how they enrich our lives. I received the cold shoulder of my life after I placed music for a duet at a recital- on the music rest and my hand horribly just inexplicably fell all over the keys- of course my fellow musician and I had a hard time controlling our laughter and compose our 10 year old selves! Gaye

  8. Author, so my nephew tells me repeatedly.

  9. Linda, it is so old fash, and I love it-my GrandMa was famous for congealed salads of all sorts. I have a wonderful "Fun with Jello" receipt book of hers that is priceless. Will be looking for aspic in sight of your table. pgt

  10. Lady Diana was living in the countryside during WWII and raised chickens and milked the cow to supplement the rationed food the government allowed.
    Fascinating post!

  11. Marion! That makes perfect sense. As I have added to several comments-I have her Autobiography-coming and a bio too, sure this will be discussed, and I am so glad you stopped in today. Gaye

  12. She is the chicest! I believe she did learn to milk a cow.......and quite well,; would be my bet! I have studied her for years.....(everything about her I could get my hands on)....
    she loved cream......I bet she was really great at milking cows. She was smart and very sensitive......and not one bit afraid of animals. And she also understood the connection........unlike many today!!!

    ....And I see her with the chickens...look at her face.....she loved them!!...I totally relate. I spent 3 hours...in the middle of the night...Friday.....(I could not make this up) with a hen who has laid her eggs outside the coop (in danger of predators).I tried to move her into the safe coop in the dead of night..........I should have asked all of you! I asked all the people at "backyard chickens" and they told me to get her into the coop......well.......it did not work at all. She just went to where her nest was and raised holy hell in the morning......squwaking holy hell........when she missed her eggs......so I put them back.....and she is happily sitting on them.....totally hidden.......I am not sure how long she was off them trying to escape........so they may never hatch. Last time I am messing with mother nature.

    We had a hen about 8 years ago who did the same thing.......on another part of our property........and right before the eggs were to hatch......a raccoon....killed everyone. Jeez.
    Life is rough out there!!

  13. oh ps I did a blog on sphinx today!!

    Love your pic with the sphinx!!!


  14. PB-I agree. She is the story of that era. & no you can't fool Mother Nature! pgt



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