20 June 2010

playing Miss Marple

 tonight on pbs Miss Marple returns in the Secret of Chimneys

 prior to her triumphant return, I have been amusing myself with these. Designed by Andrea Kett, our Jane takes on various roles in : Tantalising Tweeds, Naughty Knitwear, Unsensible Shoes and much more. View Ms Kett's Portfolio Here. Her illustrations conjur up other novel characters GIGI & her Aunt Alicia & Cheri's Léa de Lonval.

Read all about Ms. Kett Here
all images are copyright and used with Ms. Kett's kind permission.
visit Agatha Christie's official site Here


1 comment:

  1. Very amusing. I'm rushing about to get food cooked, other "Sunday" chores done...so that I can relax & enjoy it tonight. Typing that makes me feel an ancient crone. Oh well. Those illustrations are wonderful.

    Thanks & happy viewing.



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