13 June 2010

summer shower


a shower posy

summer shower invitation

guests were asked to bring mother and baby
something white

a surprise dining room turned bedroom
(accommodating my elderly dog Moses)
holds shower gifts

the soon to be Aunt

the table had to be set up in the kitchen

annabelles gathered from the garden 
of the grandmother of the mother to be

the buffet 

minted booties and baby carriage

guests were asked to light this votive the day she was born

her arrival
TWO years ago this summer



  1. BEAUTIFUL...from the heart!!!!!!!

  2. Eureka, I love the name Aurora!
    Lovely event!

  3. What a beautiful and thoughtful shower. Love the idea of the candles to be lit on her birth. I am going to be a grandmother again this summer, this time a boy, so taking notes of all the details. Just charming!

  4. Clearly you Southerners not only choose the best baby names, but have the hands down loveliest gardens and prettiest parties around! Happy Second Birthday to the lucky little girl!

  5. Oh what a beautiful post and shower...everything about it is so romantic and tasteful. Thanks for sharing, Love from London x

  6. thank you- or should I say thanks Ya'll! This young mother is the daughter of one of my first grade friends. Having 4 lovely daughters ages 28 to 8, and 1 son in between, she has lovingly shared them all. weddings, I helped with the reception of one of the girls, one worked for me in my Christmas shop and on it goes- pgt

  7. As you probably know we don't traditionally have a baby shower over across the Pond. Judging by this, we're missing something?

  8. Rosie! just left a comment on your fab wedding. As to showers-they are not my bag-the mother to be feeling the same way - we discussed the what not to do's- especially the ridiculous shower games thing. This is the first one I have given- and probably the last. pgt

  9. What a charming and thoughtful way to be ushered into this world. I thought it was an elegant, sophisticated yet intimate celebration.

    I do hate to go to any occasion that requires party "games." Yuck!

  10. What a truly lovely event! I'm just playing blogger catchup now after my vacation. I missed so much!

  11. Stefan, You were missed too. pgt



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