23 July 2010

at 6's & 7's



MRS TREFUSIS TAKES A TAXI wonderful blog and truly BEAUTIFULLY written, dropped this little box on me  and I offer her my humble thanks. She tells me- This award," like all good inheritances, comes entailed with conditions" - pass the award onto 6 other bloggers & reveal things about yourself.



(go see them all by clicking on the blog title)

 random things about me

 I love Myrna Loy-in any movie, especially and for always the THIN MAN'S Nora Charles 
or here as Mrs. Blandings:

Sarah Bernhardt and I share the same birthday- make of it what you will. I am thrilled.

I insist that I am a woman, though I still get occasional emails asking, I am amused-still.

4th grade photo offered as proof

Turtles are my talisman- ok, So I have blogged about this once, 
but it gives me an opportunity to offer this blog post  you may not have read.

 I love the music of Mother Maybelle, this started at an early age- It just comes over me, I have to hear some Mother Maybelle.

I would easily select Oscar Wilde as my dinner partner-if asked to choose from the famous & drink in his witticisms and feast on his erudition.

I am a bit superstitious, why risk it? What about you? Tell me something I don't know about You, dear reader.

drawing by YSL from book LOVE by Yves Saint Laurent



  1. I didn't know Booktryst - so thank you for that link. That blog will be my Saturday morning reading over coffee. Like your other choices too, smilla especially! Hope you're well.

  2. Hi, your blog is such a fantastic source of inspiration. Thank you for posting all these beautiful works of art. I stumbled on your blog yesterday when I was looking for information about the Bloomsbury group. I wrote a post about it on my blog yesterday and used some of your wonderful content about this theme in it. I linked everything I used back to your blog off course. I hope you don’t mind but if you do pls let me know and I will remove it right away.

  3. Smilla's the only one I knew about (and agree it is well worth watching), so the others will be fun to explore. And congrats to you for more recognition of your wonderful blog.

  4. Leililaloo, thank you for the heads up- it would be nice to mention the little augury name actually on the post- I did a good bit of research and time in posing the questions Lisa responded too. The answers are typically only as good as the questions allow, No?, It is a shame that your text is cut off in the published version, I wonder if you could make the font smaller so the page will accommodate it pgt

  5. Blue, I know you will like it, and I enjoy Smilla too. Well and hot here. Procrastinating on the Atlanta trip-but I am going to touch base when I do-Now it appears to be August -midway! Can not think of a hotter place than that in August.

  6. Home, I think you will like several on there. I am always impressed the photography on smilla4- Enjoy! Gaye

  7. pgt~ Congratulations! It is so wonderful that you are rewarded for your original and unique musings. I agree with Blue, Booktryst will be my new Saturday read. Best, Kendra

  8. Oh, that Mr. Blandings clip must be near and dear to every decorator's heart. Brilliant!

    I was born on the same day as Billie Holiday.

  9. Interesting to see the Carter family in such close proximity to Oscar Wilde...

  10. But you ask us to disclose a quality you purport not to know in ourself, in plain sight that you know it, even so. This genius for encouragement -- this shocking captivation of the male -- offers either of two very courteous things, a projection of the self under lettre de cachet, or the hasarding of an aspiration yet unborn. If I were Benedetta Craveri, at work on revising the 1st edition of "The Age of Conversation," I'd revisit my conclusion that it had expired with the aristocracy in France. But what's enviable here is not that the form of remark is benign or that its landing, stimulating, but its sense of preserving our whole chance to live together. I'm sorry to sound didactic, when so many sparklers are in whirl, but standing back and taking in the caring for the future takes one's breath away.

  11. It is fun to have a birthday shared with the famous, and Myrna was everything, that scene-perfect.

    Staircase- yes, it is as I said all very random. After living 50 years and many lifetimes more random happens.

  12. Carter- encouragement is easy to give to such inspiration as I read every day. Though put together randomly ,the 7 things, I hope will inspire as well. I have very eclectic readers and along with my own interests-for all these things I continue to write on.

  13. I have perused all of the "6's" and am honored to be included in such talented company and the "7's" are utterly delightful! And this...as a totally inadequate thank you...


  14. Dear Pgt, I love Myrna Loy, she is very underrated and an amazing actress. Look forward to visiting the blogs you've chosen xx

  15. Smilla- I love your photography and thank you for the special posts.

    Christina- something for everyone and I love them all, I need all that
    they have to offer. Gaye

  16. Christina, I am so glad you commented on Myrna Loy-wasn't she the greatest. The Thin Man series has to be one of my favs that I can watch over and over again. G.



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