06 July 2010

the Brandolini Rooms of Vistorta


Brandolini Family Portrait 
by Horst

There are interiors that stay with you. Some give little reason to change. Perfection- it leaves nothing to be desired. Such is the case in the rooms of VISTORTA di SACILE that Renzo Mongiardino decorated for Conte and Contessa Brando Brandolini d'Adda. Horst photographed VISTORTA -the restored the family's 1830 estate outside Venice more than forty years ago for Vogue. In the article Conte Brando Brandolini said " I tried to capture the atmosphere of a country house in a story by Turgenev." Here with portraits from the period by Madame Vigee Le Brun.


 Princess Anna Sergeevna Stroganov, nee  Princess Trubetskaya1793

trompe l'oeil Biedermeier bookcases, green felt panels framed in floral braid
Charles X

 Countess Anna Ivanova Tolstoy, 1801

The Contessa, Cristiana, beauty, socialite, sister of Gianni Agnelli, is mother in law to designer Muriel Brandolini. Muriel comments of the collaboration between the Contessa and Mongiardino-"He was really at his best when he was working with my mother in law." She has been much inspired by the decorations of the pair.

the Countess Brandolini, by Horst

Time sometimes flies like a bird, 
sometimes crawls like a snail; 
but a man is happiest 
when he does not even notice whether it passes swiftly or slowly.


Princess Sapiena, nee Potocka, 1794

 sunlit lacquered walls, festooned curtain in the 19th c. style, emerald & gold Savonnerie 


 Princess Edcocia Ivanovna Galitzine, 1799

Mongiardino at his best, Window design copied from Josephine's Malmaison
the fabric copied from a piece of Indian cotton on sofas, cushions & shades


Marquise de Fresnes d'Aguesseau, 1789

Evoking the 19th century
White cotton pique curtains with deep tasseled trimmings, tiered, festooned, shaded & swagged

Muriel Brandolini Interior Design here
Le Brun portraits here

& from the pages of Vogue



  1. I am a bit pavlovian about Mongiardino. I see/hear his name, and I stand up and applaud. Of course I love the theater of it and his mastery of his craft.

  2. Yes, the library... I would so love a library like this....though the books would not be faux...:)

    Biedermeir & Charles X.... heaven.

    Great images. Thank you.

  3. Full of history and beauty. All the things I have come to expect and look forward to from LA. The le Brun portraits are highly appropriate and beautiful as well.

  4. These interiors remind me of the fabulous scenes from the movie I am Love. Have you seen it ?

  5. Home, me too- My fav is this library.

    Author- I love the library too- the book shelves are faux finished in the Biedermeir style. The books are real.

    Anon- this is my idea of fun ! thanks.

    Pat- I have not, have heard some great things about it.Hope to soon.

  6. I'm Sorry, what Vogue is this? Can you give me the year, month and number? Best regards.

  7. Anon- I will have to look it up. Some of the magazines I inherited were falling apart- at the time-ten years ago-I likely pulled it out with out noting any references. I will go back to the sheets and see what-if anything I can find. Typically I post that info If I have noted it.



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