27 July 2010

just tuck me in


Do you love a nap? Do you love this Bed?
Photographed by Jacques Dirand, this Paris townhouse decorated by Renzo Mongiardino and Claudio Briganti, is one of those spaces. You know by now what that means. One that I am enamored with- it has been 12 years since I first gazed on these rooms and I am still in love. It must be Real. Of all the stunning rooms here there are many-full of Lichtensteins, Yves Kleins, Dubuffets, the owner's children- my favourite is this MASTER BEDROOM. Full of 19th century chinoiserie from England, the walls are softened with a silk that appears to be a sort of faded violet. The walls are divided by borders perfectly placed for special pieces of collected art.

Here- a few things that would be perfect for a room reminiscent of this one and only Mongiardino.



 & I love this bed- from Linda Horn, at 1st dibs, but it is a bit heavy. 
What do you think? 
Should I keep looking? 

 & for fabric- No question- my beloved Dragon Empress-by Clarence House. There is a pale colorway with most of the colors shown  in this one-with a celadon rather than the blue. The only one colorway I have not used in a house- so it seems right.


It took Mongiardino & Briganti along with their clients 10 years to complete their opus. 
... irregardless of what the design tv shows and instant makeover pages of the design magazines tell you- 
ROOMS are not built in a day.

more here:
HG article- SERIOUS FUN from 1998 June, with William Norwich, Joy Hendricks, Delphine Pietri
read Mitchell Owens tribute to Renzo Mongiardino in the NY Times 1998 obituary HERE
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  1. This room is beyond compare. You are so very right! Plus the art adds a twinkle of charm all the while being created by some very serious names.

  2. I love the chinoiseri for the bedding. The bed does seem a little heavy but is a showstopper. Fabric on the walls really softens the room. After the bed, I think the setee and chairs doesn't look as comfortable as they should be in a bedroom. Love the tray table. Keep looking unless you just can't live without it and/or they give it to you for a great price. I have black lacquer Japanese furniture in my bedroom which is rather gothic, so it looks good with anything. What happened to the red bedroom you so loved in a post not long ago. Did it havethe bamboo too.?

  3. Girl, you have done it again. I absolutely love this. Renzo was a genius.

  4. Very interesting to see that cmbination of postwar art (Fautrier? Dubuffet?) with japonisme.

  5. Ohhhh" Love the pseudo Chippendale Asian look of the furniture

  6. I adore that bedroom and everyone must love Dragon Princess. I wonder why so many are drawn to it...other than the obvious...it's just so damn beautiful and I love to touch it.

    Linda Horn always has the coolest stuff, but I would have to agree...it is heavy. Milling Road makes a wonderful Bed. I've used it several times. The price is great and it's really pretty.


    There's another that I've speced...I was thinking it was Baker, but they must no longer carry it. It had birds and flowers in a Chinois manner painted on it...really pretty.

  7. It is all amazing. Just spectacular!

  8. Looks just like u littlaugury,luxe,quirky, Wildean,Proustian. Everyone accounted for en 1 ruum.

  9. When I saw faded violet velvet, I knew you were home. Love the personal and eccentric nature (of course) of this room. Such a confident hand and love shows everywhere.

  10. Kevin, If it were Mine-I would be very Proustian and never want to leave it.

    Dandy-I agree, and so impressive his assistant finished the work after RM's death.

    David- I am in a Chinoiserie state of mind it would seem.

    Emile- the placement of the art and its juxtaposition with the room style is definitely part of what makes this room so memorable for me.

    Emily- yes I agree.

    Anon-Very much in the Wilde Aesthetic mode and as mentioned in my earlier comments Yes, to Proust.

  11. Donna- You are so right about that bed. Unless it was in a very large room-it would be overwhelming with the set of chairs and settee. I need to check back on the red room. I love the Chinese and Japanese influences in furniture-as you can tell-it has to be the paint-and I prefer it to just white paint.

    Jill- I have seen that bed , it is a good one for the room. Gaye

  12. Home! Yes you know me so well, and it is a pretty stellar room. Gaye

  13. This bedroom is exquisite.i am more of a modernist when it comes to design but was introduced to chinoiserie in my mother in law's house in Brookline , MA. her large living/reception room was filled with beautiful french faux bamboo furniture and walls covered with original 18th century Zuber wall paper, a beautiful setting where I actually was married. later she found amazing chinoiserie bamboo pieces for her summer home which unfortunately were all stolen during a robbery. She found them years later on the auction block!!! I guess chinoiserie is still quite popular. As for the bed, I also find the scale too overwelming, perhaps you can find one as in the room you feature....sweet dreams to come

  14. Francine, I hope the room still exists and many beautiful photographs of it in happy times archived. I do love it indeed-and as I said much prefer it to a lot of white paint that still pervades, though I do love a good painted finish. I need to get to you site again and explore your rooms and shop. Yes the bed doesn't cut it-I agree that it takes time to get it right designwise. Gaye

  15. I LOVE this room! It's what I aspire to! You'd love my most recent acquistion, a chinoiserie (does it count as chinoiserie if it was made over there) lacquered sofa brought over by a rich lady moving here from Hong Kong. Come over and we'll sit, chat and have tea on it!



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