01 July 2010

on furnishing a house


"If you have only just enough money to buy a bed, a chair, a table and a soup-plate, you should buy none of these squalid objects; you should immediately pay the first instalment on a Steinway grand."

& so,
He did.

Nichols' own Merry Hall

tripping along in the footsteps of his decorator friend Syrie Maugham .

ACANTHUS PRESS will publish a book this fall, SYRIE MAUGHAM .


  1. When I married, we had a bed and a grand piano.
    We were covered.

  2. Leave it to Nichols to get his priorities straight. As Frank Lloyd Wright said, "Give me the luxuries of life & I can do without the necessities."

    Good news, too, on the Maugham book. One of her few US shops was right here in Chicago, and every once in a while, a piece or two of hers will pop up for sale hereabouts, but there have to be a lot more out there, unrecognized for what they are. Maybe this book will flush them out into the open.

    Of course, that will also drive up their prices, but better than than having them ruined by people who don't know what they've got. Last week Maison 21 showed a chest that you could tell--once you looked beyond the blotchy surface & garish pastels of its new pink-&-green makeover--had started out life as one of Dorothy Draper's iconic Modern Baroque pieces.

  3. Or just keep 2 suitcases ready for adventures...



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