06 August 2010

a little bit of little augury


I find continued joy in this blog. In talking with a dearest friend yesterday about this assemblage, I realized what I have been trying to do with the adding and deleting  of blog recommendations labelled PEOPLE-(to my right)  most of the blogs are written by one person, there are several here that have an ensemble cast. I can not even imagine, nor do I want to know how many blogs are out there-
Too Many?
We each find our own level of taste, quality and topic.
Happiness reigns.
But am I learning anything? This is the question I am applying to PEOPLE lately. What am I finding out at this moment, I didn't know yesterday, and hour ago?
Do I want to know?
Need to know? Even better.

I have kept Little Augury wide open on Topic because I am interested in many things, reading, following politics, to my Republican friends & clients- I Am-  You might feel- A Hopeless Progressive (worse than any Liberal), but that should not surprise You-
Does it?

Where do I stand? As our conversation continued yesterday- one mention of a blog in particular elicited from Friend this:  HE/SHE has an OPINION. We know where said Blogger stands. Do you know where I stand? Sometimes I wonder. I certainly don't want to alienate anyone-But if the tenor of Little Augury changes a bit or more than,  I want to know If you agree, disagree. Now this is not an open invitation to Nasty comments, don't demean me-You will be sorry, but don't hesitate to open a spot that is sore on the subject at hand. I would be less a host-If you felt you could not speak your mind.

I do write about fashion- No apologies. It is relevant.
Consider Elizabeth 1- where would she have been without her clothes? Exposed to the world and every threat there after. What she wore signified HOW she wanted to be Seen. Impregnable. And this with good reason-Every Man at Court wished to get into her knickers.
Joan of Arc- the fair maid of Orleans-how else-other than divine intervention-could she have faced the enemy. Certainly she claimed divine guidance-but she was no fool.She dressed for Success.
LOUIS 14 another fashion plate-
Pure Power Play, He liked to watch. they Mimicked Him, aped after Him.
He Ruled and not just  by the seat of his pants or as Fashion Arbiter but as Architect Designer wielding his rod- measuring stick.
Versailles was his calling card-and He had everyone at his fingertips.
HE liked to Watch too.

that brings me to HOUSES. I talk about Houses, You expected that, Right? I "oathed" to do more House posts in January, I think now I should admit defeat and say-I will Never write more about one thing than another. It just does not suit me. It will be whatever the day or night brings and hopefully that will bring YOU JOY, along with knowing.

Reciprocity. I am working on this too. Hence the changes to PEOPLE. What are they giving Me in return? This is not about You comment on my blog-I comment on Yours, though all of that is Nice and Neat and I do it quite a lot. I personally think it is Kind. Others in the same venue do not. Or say I can not possibly comment on everyone that comments on MINE! You should know what I think of that.

I want to get something from my PEOPLE- and I do. There are many PEOPLE listed over there to my right-that don't know Little Augury exists-But I get something from them ALL. & for that-
I Thank You. If you have something to offer and you are not one of my PEOPLE tell me-
I want to KNOW something I did not KNOW.
I want to be challenged. I want to learn. I want to give something back to you here too.
If not today, tomorrow.
Return. I have this offering to my People- New People- PERSPECTIVES really.


(click on text to see the page)

IF CHARLEY PARKER WAS A GUNSLINGER, THERE'D BE A WHOLE LOT OF DEAD COPYCATS-that's all I am going to say.  If that doesn't intrigue You-

CORBU'S CAVE- "Orlando" on canvas.


READER"S ALMANAC- Yes they have a BLOG! It is good too. Make that great-I have just gone to retrieve their LINK and LO and BEHOLD right off the pages of Little Augury. that is just what I am going ON (off?) about.

VOICE TALK  I can not sing-But I HEAR.

POST APOCALYPTIC BOHEMIAN "straight" out of San Francisco- with a twist & shout! out loud about Past heroes and a loving marriage to his guy- Unabashedly charming.

& last but not least- RED MUG BLUE LINEN because I need WATER. We all do.

You may think-

(all images are by Surrealist painter LEONOR FINI



  1. A lot to contemplate on this post. Having just celebrated a milestone on my blog I am always asking myself where is this taking me? I too like to learn and have learnt much from other's blogs and also doing research for my own. There are many reasons why we blog, and one of them is knowledge. The gaining of and imparting of knowledge is key when I think of a post (and sometimes just for the sheer fun of it)

  2. Yes, yes, yes Gaye. You say it perfectly. Who could ask for more? The pictures are perfect too - no small fete for a post. Please don't look at my latest post. You'll learn nothing, but it will be hair raising.

  3. I know that we've exchanged comments and compliments a number of times this week, but for the purposes of this post, I'll happily state that I find your column genuinely edifying

    It's the reason I'm here; the same reason I frequent all of the blogs and forums I like, in fact. I am also the kind of person who wants to know what was unknown to him before

    I expect to be visiting for some time to come

    All best,


  4. Thinking slightly 'aslant' I would prefer not to be imparting knowledge so much as replenishing a civil context, and mildly quickening its inevitable sympathies less by argument than by sharing a treasuring instance. But this is all but a distinction without a difference between oneself and David Toms, because the degeneration and extinction of that context sometimes compels one to be in the position, however unintentionally, of imparting knowledge. The decline - to cite one example - of the fundamental social grace of 'raillerie' in our time, is a symptom of a broadening alienation from discernment, itself, to say nothing of any impulse to participate in a generous society. We observe in the general ruination of our public discourse the triumph of little Georgie Amberson over his reticent father. A little less reticence from the father is worth something, yes. But my preference is to revisit, as frequently as possible, the wellspring of that reticence, in the soul of a good and endlessly inquiring man.

    We have no need for another such blog, but those who created them plainly have no need to lean upon their work to restore themselves. In that, I do concede a difference.

  5. Thank you for this & as I loathe it when people do the comment for comment thing, I won't link to either of 2 blogs. (btw, people who urged me to open up for comment, no longer bother...it's amusing to me.)

    I popped over mainly to say thanks for the links & Fini pix.


  6. I seem to always learn something here, which is what I love about blogging. Generally, I think I'm posting more of what I've learned from others, that process of discovery, rather than edifying in any way. I could be perceived as a lazy commenter, I suppose. I simply can't abide writing "great post," though I often think they are. And, as many bloggers have become friends, sometimes those conversations take place via email.

    I'm rambling. I love it here and appreciate your process. You have such a clear point of view, which is incredibly appealing.

  7. You've touched upon so many reasons for blogging, and yes, it IS interesting to consider our various intentions behind them.

    For the purest of writers - blogs serve as an expression of their ideas. We readers are then blessed to be able to steal away these sentiments for a few moments a day. What a gift.

    Other blogs I enjoy can be silly, or button-pushing....and all are wonderful in their own way. I think of the blog community as the modern day salon - comprised of a full-cast of characters.

    This is your blog, and your influences surround you. This is what art, as well as our lives, are. You are right to want to learn, expand and teach. It's the finest motivation for being here.

    Thank you.

  8. So many thoughts reading this post. First, as I've always felt... its your blog. If you want to post about houses, great; fashion..., then go ahead. If you seem really impassioned by these things then we'll be interested, most of the time. I personally love the unexpectedness of your blog, since you clearly do have passions about things for a while (McQueen, Hepburn...). Frequently I learn things, since what I know about and what you know about are different. That's part of the fun of reading a blog. And most of us find blogs through other blogs whose voice we like. So when I have time to nose around recommendations from my regular reads, I generally do. It seems to me too, that there is a sort of public conversation about what aesthetics are that happens through the posts and comments of your blog and others. I know there are other conversations through other groups of blogs that don't love the same things, but that's their conversation. I like this corner of the room, myself.

  9. I love that Little Augury is wide open on topic. I like it that way. In fact, may I be so bold as to say that this is truly one of my favourite blogs in all of Blogtopia. I find that I am by and large interested in what you are interested in. And that should be, and clearly is, your test. Why confine yourself.

    My only complaint is that you post so regularly I just cannot keep up, hence the paucity of my comments.

    Have a lovely weekend. xoxo

  10. I come here for a soothing respite in what is all too often a trying day.

    Those who scoff at the "frivolity" of fashion and design have lost touch with the power of beauty. The arts are a necessity for a civilized society. Without them we are no longer human.

    Here I learn much,and enjoy more, and my soul is replenished. That's awfully important if you ask me.

  11. Oh Yes I do trust you are kind. Kind and generous.
    The British would say "awfully decent", the French "adorable".



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