19 August 2010



Pompeo Batoni 
portrait of
Colonel The Hon William Gordon

it seems each day brings a stuffed mailbox (yes the postman still walks-but does not ring) FULL of SEPTEMBER ISSUES- yesterday-Haper's Bazaar, as mentioned-with the Jennifer Aniston poses of Streisand, I do not like that.
Along with that cover -came the NET-A-PORTER FALL WINTER magazine FEMME FATALE. It is truly a slick savvy look at what magazines are really all about-NO BONES - Selling. NET-A-PORTER , for those of you who are-as one fashionista would say OUT- is a multimillion dollar online design-one stop-shop til you drop site created 10 years ago by Natalie Massenet. She sold her share of the company for an estimated £50m in April but "rolled back in" the day the news broke, investing £15m of her windfall back into the business. She remains executive chairman.

She tells the guardian- Her dream was to become a magazine editor but "I hadn't walked away from being editor-in-chief of a magazine – I'd just created a magazine for the 21st century instead, a hybrid between a store and a magazine that was delivered digitally " & now it delivers the paper too. Though it is all online I think Massenet must know the power of paper as well. The magazine carries a theme IT"S ALL ABOUT, and the most amusing find there is PRINCE CHARLES-full page picture- circa at his best age- KILTED.

It seems the KILT is ruling the runways again.
-and Charles is its most ICONIC wearer of note. This trumping- of All Clans and Usurpers of..., forget about the real historic figures- we talk of fashion- Sir Sean Connery, (there is a poll to help decide if you should or shouldn't here ), Rod Stewart, Vivienne Westwood, Liam Neeson, or personal favorite Marc Jacobs. see MEN IN KILTS here
No no- none of the above- but  THE PRINCE- CHARLES.

Charles and Anne in kilts 
on there knees

 posing in kilt, posing in love

 then & now

Still holding down the fort



the DUKE

the Dame
Vivienne Westwood

the Madonna

Victoria Beckam ('07) and Marc Jacobs ('09 )split in kilts. 
Photos by Getty Images
VB sans kilt

there is a video- should you go commando with a kilt ? on MTV here 

Marc made his mark with KILT grunge in 1992


see this dress on the runway in IM's Sketchbook Fall 1989 here
one of the most successfully modern KILT adaptation of all

Alexander McQueen with Sarah Jessica Parker


Patchwork Knit KILT

I say- I would wear something from either- within reason, Pringle bottom left, or the Missoni-(I use to be a big fan) top left (get me a shirt) I gave up my kilts as the twenties gave me up-the Missoni's as the forties gave me up.

Still got a kilt? Girls? Guys?
so many Men blogging about fashion-design.
so I wonder do they or don't they? should they?

I know IVAN should & his surfing Kings should.

I know BLUE does,
and surely this guy- TartanScot does? (if not, TS-what gives?)
Why yes he does- and the proof is here

I know these Satorialists have a least posted about KILTS, Search them : TOAD  MAXMINIMUS  the TRAD,

(Lady KENDRA wrote about the lure of the REBEL KILT here)

what about JAMES?

But really I want to know- what about REGGIE, darling? 


KILTS in reality? here
guys-there is a KILTMEN.COM here support and advice.
kilt blog (of course) here
ISAAC MIZRAHI Highland Fling here


  1. I still wear the one that was made for me when I was seventeen. It's nipped and tucked (mostly shortened) but looks as sharp now as when it was new. And as for comfort, there's nothing better. I'll wear it as long as it's decent.

  2. I rather like Mark Jacobs purple number (is it made out of sill?). I've worn kilts onstage (Brigadoon comes to mind), and it's always a kick. This post makes me want to get one to wear around town. Fall is in the air!

  3. DMC- smart, I did keep some tartan taffeta skirts when girls wore pretty long skirts instead of tarty dresses. my niece got the kilts- and the Missoni

  4. Nothing, nothing, better than a good man in a kilt.

  5. Yes.... I still wear the real deal... you can find them on E-bay in solids as well. Men in kilts as fashion? Started in the mid-80's. Boys in skirts.

  6. VT "tapadh leat"

    PT- I knew you would agree with me!
    Author-yes the boys have grown up.

  7. Did you not like the HB issue or the Babs thing? I couldn't believe the issue. I couldn't believe all the beautiful things as opposed to some seasons. Mark article was good and some of the Calvin stuff was beautiful. And Temple St. Clair designing for Target? I love the Valentino flats in black and the taupe ones too. I think they were my favorite things in the issue.

  8. Voice- I read that it is velvet since it is MJ-and he can do no wrong it would have to be silk velvet. I am encouraging Men in kilts for daywear-they are Not Just for the stage any more! please do a post on Brigadoon!

  9. Donna, I did like the issue though I haven't gone through it but once- it is always lovely-I prefer it to the overkill of ads in Vogue. I love the look of the Daisy Fellowes story they did-(see my post) Streisand can only do Barbara me thinks.

  10. Ooo, taffeta tartan! Lucky niece! (And the Missoni is nothing to sneeze at, either.)

  11. Little Augury, This is such a charming post.Of course one has come to expect that from little you.

  12. Love kilts, and even have on lurking around somewhere from an old costume party I went to a long time ago!

    Have a gret weekend.

  13. I have a kilt for the Lambie clan at home that I wear at my yearly family picnic (you will NEVER see a picture with my nobbly knees!) and family weddings but keep at my parents house. I recently bought trousers in the family tartan...you MAY see me in those at some point LOL. Maybe if I had better knees.....

  14. If I had a kilt, I would wear it. Today would be a perfect day as we are going to a wedding. And it is going to be very hot.

    People always told me I had such beautiful legs--for a guy! I guess I do :)

    I think there MUST be a band named "Men in Kilts."

    I LOVE Missoni's fabrics pictured here.

    Oh well, I am still going to look pretty smart and handsome today in my Perry Ellis summer suit and straw hat.

    And Susan? WOW! She's going to look so beautiful in her summer dress from Unique Vintage. http://www.unique-vintage.com/

    Photos to follow on Saturday.

  15. DMC- I may post some of these early photos at some point!

    Anon- appreciate that, as always.

    David-dust off that kilt

  16. Stefan- the pants sound good-maybe under the kilt-this seems to be the trend as well- That would really knock Georgetown off its well heeled feet.

  17. With a name like Bruce-that should be a no brainer. I agree about the weather-so insufferable. Delightful day for a straw hat though-and congrats on the knees and the wedding.

  18. Hello Dearest LA: You've got me thinking, m'dear. I haven't a drop of Scots blood in me, so haven't a claim to wear a kilt, at least with a straight (ahem) face. But you have me thinking . . . so I shall think and then . . . reveal. Soon. Reggie

  19. Reggie-darling, I am intrigued.Yes, I am.

  20. I am late to this party, again, but one nanosecond before you posed the Reggie question I was considering same. Now im surprised by the answer! Brace yourself for a kilt post...

  21. oh L. Yes me too! and I can not wait and I have wondered about braces too? does he or doesn't he.

  22. Call me a kill joy, You can't just turn up wearing a kilt because it's a fashion item, it helps if you have a tartan, every clan has one, if you have no link to a clan, don't wear one.
    Fashion inspired items are not included. I would prefer it if the fashion industry supported Harris Tweed, which will die out, if people do not support it, which would be a far greater loss to the fashion industry.

  23. Apologies for my rant, but Harris Tweed are having a really hard time! And their fabrics are truly wonderful.

  24. Dash- No apologies needed. Harris Tweed is wonderful you are so right. I will have to look into what is going on-have you done any posts about it? Several have pasted down to family thru the years-their tailoring is so classic and generations can wear them it may be part of the cause. Fashion is fickle- and so on trend, most amusingly I found the Prince to be featured as its particular Fashion icon-it struck me. Of course authenticity is ideal and I approve-if only the appropriate "Clans" of any group can claim ownership- that excludes many things- camouflage (which I utterly hate)
    Fur and Skins, Crosses, maybe even kimono, sari-though more general.



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