05 August 2010

suncreen by Sarah Miles


with Robert Mitchum, and David Lean (r) filming Ryan's Daughter


  1. I most recently watched this film a few months ago - quite the harrowing look at parochial mistrust in wartime, along with sumptuous coastal shots. Of course, it's leavened with much tenderness where Rosy's character is concerned

    Lovely choice,


  2. Mr Lean is the author of many good things, one need hardly say, but a permanent irritation in Katherine Hepburn's eye was possibly not one of them - the price of tossing her into a canal in Venice, for "Summertime." That's what comes of not knowing one's Thomas Mann.

  3. I had forgotten all about this movie, and remember seeing it when I was very young. Loved it

  4. I remember watching an interview with David Lean when I was very young - maybe 12 and maybe on the Cavett show. It was probably the first interview I'd ever seen in my life. I certainly didn't know anyone like David Lean and I was mesmerized; thought about him for days. I loved this movie.
    I enjoy your blog very much. Thanks.




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