13 August 2010

take the stairs


image of a stair at Chateau de Beloeil
from the inspirational site Belgian Pearls

my design project moves forward- so hot I always focus on the moment with Q & A, last week with Client and Job Supervisor (who could put a good designer to shame-after many years seeing the best of the best)

the house is coming along swimmingly. promises of a/c on the horizon. Floors are going in, One beautiful door (sliding) hung, tile in upstairs baths being laid.

stair railing: the topic at this meeting. having found a design my Client and I both love-the assignment Now is to make it work- meet code requirements, (remarked-a beach ball could go through that), adapting it to angled landings instead of curved. I've got ideas to make it work, awaiting some files from the architect to work it out on paper, while summoning up all my drawing skills.

pictures to follow of all updates when the a/c commences. even as I post this I am looking in a different direction-typical of the evolution a project!  STAY TUNED

stair parts at wikipedia here



  1. Oh I will be excited to hear and see more!!

    Art by Karena

  2. tomato red, always and forever



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