12 August 2010

tu es incorrigible


Daniel Defoe said:
To-day we love 
what to-morrow we hate; 
to-day we seek
what to-morrow we shun;
to-day we desire 
what to-morrow we fear.

& I replied:
oh No, Defoe. 
It can not be so.

tu es incorrigible!

Robinson by Jean-Denis Malcles, 1942, from the Pierre Frey archives image from here



  1. Is that just another way of saying "the grass is always greener on the other side"?

  2. tis true...tis true
    what was once old..is now new

    I did not know how happy I could be
    reading this post of little augury...K

  3. Oh, I wish I could pull off a quick and smart post like this---very elegantly and neatly conceived! And oh, that Robinson fabric---sensational

  4. David-indeed I think so-

    Kathy- Well Said.

    DED- I am just a little clever, You a Scholar. I always welcome a compliment from you.

  5. I often receive email correspondence from subscribers delivered directly to Me and rarely post them-but occasionally something must be shared and this I do- Not publishing the sender's naming but thanking profusely.

    Greetings little augury,

    In response to Daniel Defoe, may I offer a quote from Blaise Pascal?

    Things have diverse qualities, and the soul diverse inclinations; for nothing is simple, of that which presents itself to the soul, and the soul never presents itself simply to any object. Thence it comes that one weeps and laughs about one and the same thing.
    Thank you for your splendid presentations that walk between the joys and sorrows of life and provide a platform for contemplation.



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