07 September 2010

a birthday or 2 or 3

I don't do a great deal of celebrating birthdays-my own or others. today I am reminded of 3 I should celebrate-

young Edith Sitwell on the 7th september

my  grandfather George Joseph Cushwa
born on this day- died three days after his 50th dinner party celebration-
failing to blow out  three of his birthday candles.

(GJC is left, as a young man, his nickname was "Dutch")
he entitled the photograph
"on the road to the asylum"- a clever and carefree young man-fearing little.

& dear friend &  impetus for little augury-
september 7,Virgo.

I do so wish I had an early photograph of SP-he would say-
god! look at all that hair, girl! I was quite a scoundrel then.

celebrate those you love every day, today I celebrate.



  1. I now raise a glass of wine in their honor.

    And your dear friend---gosh; look at that wonderful smile and those beaming eyes.

  2. one's own mother on the 7th, too, whom I tried to honour tacitly by remarking on her gift of education. she and her husband let me see them reserving a substantial part of every day for the pleasure of reading. the examplary spectacle extends beyond reading and goes to respecting the sovereignty of others in what nourishes them. I don't know a religion, I don't know a restaurant that teaches that. :)

  3. Many happy returns to SP. And memories of those who have gone.

    What a great picture of Edith Sitwell, I wouldn't have recognised her xx

  4. Cherish those you love, daily. This is something I need to remind myself regularly. Life is ephemeral.



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