25 September 2010

Katrantzou's Interiors


Sarah Mower of VOGUE in her review writes:
Mary Katrantzou’s spring 2011 collection—all printed with images of lavish hotel and stateroom interiors—and embellished with interior-decorator braid, tassels, and fringe trimmings. She’d digitalized fragments of pages from vintage copies of Architectural Digest and The World of Interiors, amped up the color to hyperrealist level. 

replete with sconce adornments

"With this collection, 
I wanted to put the room on the woman, 
rather than the woman in the room." designer MK

sweeping passementerie curtains

French Louis xv

upholstered & finished with gimp

beaded lampshades

crystal chandeliers

& more swinging crystals

"Yes, it's excessive, and decorative, 
and I know everyone else is talking about minimalism...
"But I knew I needed to go a little outside the stuff I've been doing. 
And I do like a challenge." MK

Wearable? Questionable?
Surrealistically Genius? Unquestionably.  

PHOTOGRAPHS Marcio Madeira/ firstVIEW here


  1. These are awfully creative, aren't they? Love the 4th one down from the top. Reminds me of one of Little Edie's outfits from Grey Gardens when she wore a curtain tassel around her waist. Thanks to your post now I have inspiration for a Halloween costume!


  2. these are pretty fabulous and full of great ideas. A bit over the top but elements could work for everyday life (like much of couture).

  3. what a talented young woman Mary Katrantzou is!

  4. These are great fun, and if I were a fashion designer, my mind might occasionally drift in this direction. But I have to say that the fourth photo down reminds me of Carol Burnett's "Gone with the Wind" skit! ... Mark

  5. they are fairly wonderful- I could not but think of Beauty & the Beast. For clever is is head and padded shoulders above the rest. pgt

  6. Love this post and the Min Hogg Seaweed Wallpaper you tweeted about!

  7. Dear Gaye, Mary gets more adventurous every season, they are works of art really. Lovely post and quotes xx



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