12 October 2010



I return to these again-I hope you- reader-will indulge me another look.
or look for the first time.
There is reason to the flights of fashion fancy that find their way to these pages.
I am inspired.

For the most part, I am uninspired by the design and decoration of rooms today.
We subscribe to the publications that supposedly show us the best of what is best. but it doesn't, it isn't.

 that's why this is here.

... The magic of Art is that it inspires inanimate objects with some of the qualities of Life, so that they can create pleasure, and satisfy obscure needs for colour, or rhythm, or form: the Art of Dress perhaps brings these qualities into the closest relationship with ourselves; and a woman who has no use for it must have some secret obliquity, arrogance or malady of soul. I suspect anyone self-satisfied enough to refuse lawful pleasure: we are not sufficiently rich in our separate resources to reject the graces of the universe when offered-Freya Stark  

McQueen images from the same.
from the Walt Whitman archives HERE
from Freya Stark HERE



  1. No, Reggie darling, Whitman, Alexander McQueen and Freya Stark were that. I am just an admirer.

  2. Could not agree more. I may need to borrow the Stark quote.

  3. Magnificent, but then, everything you touch becomes magic.

  4. Inspired admirer indeed I would say to you. LA is right on the rooms featured in magazines especially stateside. Sorry. If you can not see genius in these garments and appreciate the mastery of McQueen's successor no amount of therapy will suffice.

  5. I relish the continued inspiration.

  6. beautifully, beautifully said and illustrated!

  7. Hi! Fairly new reader here. I too was so inspired when these images went up, how Sarah Mower noted in her review the "shoots of grass growing between the cracks", and I so appreciate your discussion of it here. Thanks for the inspiration, Natalie



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