19 October 2010

smitten again, Judith, et al

& Judith will smite.

  Andrea Mantegna paints Judith and Holofernes 
(well his severed head & foot)

Judith shows little emotion.- in a truly Fantastic tent.

This- less so, but pretty great nonetheless- 

Moroccan Berber Tent available here

& I found this too-

BALENCIAGA COUTURE SILK COAT, AUGUST 1963. Brown organdy over a stiffened net inter liner, organdy lining, having three quarter sleeve covered allover in applied pieces of shredded and torn rust silk faille, no closures. Label: Balenciaga 10, Avenue George V. Paris. Bust 50, length 56. (Some losses and fading, some splits to organdy outer layer) fair. $200-300



ASUITE TUNIC and SASH c. 1920. Long sleeve black cotton gauze decorated in vertical bands of gold metallic staples, deep slit neck above a gold diamond shaped medallion, hemline with gold tassels, matching wide sash/ stole. Bust 36, length 44, sleeve 22, sash 13 x 82. (Sleeve hems need mending, 1/4 inch hole near hem, small area of oxidation at edge of sash) excellent. $350-450

finally this-

"One of the advantages of being disorderly 
is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries." AA Milne

all auction descriptions are linked to Charles A Whitaker Auctions



  1. Judith to tents to Balenciaga! Love it! That wooly dress is incredible.
    P.S. I'm hosting a Marc Jacobs jewelry give away! I'd love for you to stop by!

  2. those metallic staples produced scarves and dresses of a certain era.
    i have a scarf...
    it is magic enough to make a hessian dress into elegance iteslf.
    thank you for remembering...


  3. Yes+yes+yes. I hung a print of that Mantegna in my room when I was a girl. The foot is a bigger shocker than the head, I think. Tents like that one are part of my fantasy world. When I had my great chance to sleep one night in a Berber tent deep in the Sahara though, I'm afraid I had the turista! All the same, my repeated comings and goings through the tent flap and up and down a path of lantern lit rugs to the WC will let me attest to the magic of it all and wonder of the starlit desert sky!!! I still love tents. Add the coat and the quote and I think I have the ingredients for my bedtime story. ..

  4. Love the tunic and sash...and le style's story of trotting to and fro to the WC still admiring the tent and the desert's starry starry night. I have this place in my hallway where some stupid person (man who designed this in 1968) lowered the ceiling in the back to allow for the mechanical system stuff. I decided it's low already, I'm going to tent the sucker! Around here it's Fantasy Are Us. Hope you have recovered from TOO MUCH HIGHS AND LOWS!

  5. I LOVE this post and the clothes herein. I am in the business of purchasing, renovating, and reselling small cottages. I always refer to them as yurts, I have such an endearment for yurts -- small, contained, efficient dwellings. Gaddafi has the most elegant Bedouin tents, fully lined with indigenous pieced-work, I understand he transports them wherever he goes, up and down they go, before and behind him. Why don't you, no thank you; as much as I love tents, I love HVAC even more.

  6. Tents of all kinds fascinate me-especially the luxury fitted. Flo-did not know about the Gaddafi ones.
    Home- oh do go for it-sounds inspired.

    Le Style- how memorable for you! I envy you your trip- to the Sahara that is.

  7. Judith, what more could a girl want, including that MJ bracelet?

    Beth, I do so love that dress- it is still just perfect. I have a scarf a friend that travelled extensively left to me you've prompted me to remember & I need to get it out to just admire it.



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