05 October 2010

why I love Chanel

Ines de la Fressange.
as she appeared on the CHANEL runway tuesday 
in Chanel's Spring Collection

She was the face of CHANEL in the 1980's. Karl Lagerfeld took the reins of CHANEL in 1983. So-I was a 24 year old young woman then &  Ines was CHANEL.

Ines is now 53 years old.

"She is beyond stunning. Also, she is the Parisienne. 
Karl Lagerfeld to WWD

Yes, she is still CHANEL.

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  1. I love Chanel too, but I can't imagine what Ms. Coco would have done about those new furry Chanel boots.

  2. I too was and still am enamored with Innes. She reminds me of a flute of champagne, bubbly, sparkly and sophisticated!

  3. Just so beautiful. Remember too! Have a great day.

  4. Donna-interestingly in her younger days she would have embraced them, for she was always trekking some cold ground and all about practical uses for clothing.

    Patricia-what a perfect metaphor. She personified the brand when KL took it on and certainly deserves some of the credit for its early success-not to mention the real Chanel herself.

  5. Yes, she is the image of Chanel for me too and
    she is more beautiful than ever!

    PS: Gaye, for some reason I've been having trouble with your site for the last few months, but this anon is me -- le style et la matière!

  6. She looks stunning but I wanted to let myself go when I turned 50. Now you have to stay disclipined about looking good till the grim reaper comes scything

  7. J'adore!!

    I think she looks just the same as always!!

    Just as we do...
    OH, that might be age hoping, but I think the young whipper-snappers, not so different from us as they think, don't really look any younger....
    and I still get carded!
    Love the post!

  8. Tabitha, What a great comment,I will say there are some things that "go" on their own- no matter what you do.She is pretty inspiring though,makes me think twice.

  9. Lovely...and at 53...what a gorgeous neck! You are both inspiring me...and crushing me! Trish

  10. Chanel after Chanel? Or Ines channeling Chanel? Beautiful, exuberant, her self. Love the pattern interplay of the stripes over the dots and the whimsical Juliet like sleeves.

  11. Le style, humm? don't know what is going on there. glad you told me, though I have no idea what to do to fix it. She is still that personification.

    Gwen, Bruce -see the images of the entire show on style.com or Vogue for a Lagerfeld garden-He is quite something. If you happen to get sundance channel there is a documentary on KL running-fascinating to listen to and see.

  12. Thea, yes-I really like that 53 part, she does look the same to me as well.

    Home,Trish-really and true to her style, utterly French chic to the tips of her fingertips.



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